This amphibious e-bike camper turns into a boat for aquatic adventures

BeTriton Amphibious Camper on the water
(Image credit: BeTriton)

We've seen our share of tiny e-bike caravans this year, but what if you don't want to be confined to the roads? What if you want to sail out on a more aquatic adventure, but don't have space to carry a kayak?

That rather specific situation is where the new amphibious e-bike trailer camper from BeTriton comes in. This bright blue three-wheeler attaches to the back of any standard e-bike, and has its own power supply so the extra weight won't cut your expeditions short.

It has a range of 25km (15.5 miles) with two batteries and a top speed of 8kmph (5mph), though as always, real world performance will depend on factors like terrain, weather, and how much you've piled inside. It has a maximum load capacity of 260kg including batteries, which BeTriton suggests you could use to haul passengers, bikepacking gear, and even your pet.

BeTriton Amphibious Camper on the road

(Image credit: BeTriton)

The cabin of the trailer/boat can be fitted out in various configurations, with features including floor mats, seats, USB charging ports, interior lights, and an optional sleeping pad for comfy nights. You can even opt for different paintwork if blue isn't your color.

The e-bike camper boat

This isn't BeTriton's first foray into amphibious EVs. Its original Z-Triton is a weird and wonderful cross between a boat, a camper, and a trike. The rider sits at the front riding something that looks like a unicycle, with pedals driving the wheel via a vertical drive chain, assisted by a mid-drive motor. This delightfully strange apparatus is connected to a two-wheeled trailer/boat. If you're having a hard time imagining that, these photos should make things a little clearer.

The unicycle component isn't removeable; when it's time to take to the water, it just hangs in the air at the back of the boat. The entire thing comes ready assembled, so you'll need plenty of space in your garage to keep it safe.

The trailer version is a little more practical, letting you use your own e-bike and coming in a handy flat-pack kit that can be assembled with simple tools, much like Ikea furniture.

It's certainly not cheap, starting at €14,500 (about $16,000), but BeTriton also offers a rental service and will soon be opening its calendar for booking in 2024.

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