Watch bear tear up family's campsite in search of interesting-smelling deodorant

Brown-furred black bear
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A news reporter and her family had a lucky escape after a brown bear destroyed their campsite as they swam in a nearby lake. Sandra Endo, of Fox 11, was visiting Mammoth Lakes in California when she spotted the animal taking a swim in Lake Mary and began recording it.

As Fox 26 Houston reports, the bear climbed ashore and immediately headed for backpacks belonging to Endo and her family. "It tore mine up," she said. "There's the aftermath of it all. We scrambled up the road, we put the kids in the car. They were terrified as the bear tore up my backpack."

Endo's video, which you can watch below, shows the tattered remains of her bag, which she believes the bear may have targeted due to a container of deodorant tucked away inside.

The bear remained at the campsite for over half an hour before wandering off. "It was terrifying," Endo said. "I just thought of all those lessons you learn in school, like be big, make noise."

Right now, bears across the US are entering hyperphagia – a state of increased feeding activity as they bulk up in preparation for hibernation. The more fat a bear lays on. the better its chances of surviving the winter, so the animals are particularly keen to scout out sources of food.

According to the National Park Service, bears consider anything with a scent to be potentially edible, which can include cosmetics, toiletries, trash, bug repellent, and even fuel. All of these items should be stored safely out of reach of bears, and well away from your camp.

"Always pack out your food scraps, garbage, or toiletries in resealable bags or containers," says the NPS. "Never leave these items unattended when hiking."

For more advice, see our guide what to do if you meet a bear.

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