Watch the sheer force of devastating Yellowstone National Park floods in new video

Bridge damaged by June 2022 flooding at Yellowstone National Park
(Image credit: National Park Service)

Officials at Yellowstone have released a new video compilation showing the sheer force of the floodwaters that devastated the National Park last month and caused millions, or even billions of dollars' worth of damage. 

The video, shared on Twitter by Yellowstone National Park Service, showing water surging through a valley, sweeping whole trees up in its path, and eroding away chunks of road by the park's north entrance. You can watch the clip below.

The floodwaters were caused by a sudden spike in temperatures creating unusually high levels of snowmelt, combined with heavy rainfall. The resulting torrents caused landslides, obliterated bridges and roads, caused power outages, and overwhelmed drainage systems.

The flooding was so severe, the NPS decided to close the entire park to the public for several days in mid-June. Most areas were reopened by the 4th July weekend, but the north and northeast entrances remain closed.

Billion-dollar cleanup

According to Associated Press, the damage caused by the floods could take many years and billions of dollars to repair. The cleanup effort is complicated by the park's environmentally sensitive landscape, where reconstruction work will only be able to take place between the spring thaw and the first snowfall.

The damage to roads is particularly severe, with several sections undercut by fast-flowing water, and hundreds of footbridges destroyed. The NPS says that reconnecting roads to local communities is its top priority/

If you're planning a visit to Yellowstone, check the National Park Service website for the latest news and advice on the situation.

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