Watch Yellowstone bison attack car after visitors try to get a closer look

Bison viewed through car window at Yellowstone National Park
(Image credit: Getty)

A visitor to Yellowstone National Park has captured the moment one of the park's bison became impatient with a driver who had stopped to get a closer look, and headbutted their car to force them to move on.

The National Park Service (NPS) has launched a campaign warning hikers not to pet the "fluffy cows", but it appears not everyone got the message. Bison cause more injuries at Yellowstone than any other animal, including bears. The people in this particular video escaped unharmed (even if their car suffered a few scratches), but three hikers have been injured by bison at the park so far this year, including one woman who was paralyzed after being tossed in the air.

The video, which you can watch below, shows a vehicle stopped on the road near three grazing bison. When the car fails to move, the largest of the trio rams it hard enough to make it shake. 

According to Whiskey Riff, which shared the video, it's currently mating season for bison, so males may be particularly aggressive.

To find out how to stay safe near bison, see our guide how to avoid being gored by a bison.

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