Sealskinz Salle Cap review: a super convenient folding waterproof hat for all year round

From sun to snow and everything in between, this handy hat will keep your head comfortable and dry in any weather

Sealskinz Salle Cap
(Image: © Future)

Advnture Verdict

The Sealskinz Salle cap is supremely practical, and a great hat to stick in your backpack in any weather. Whatever the weather brings, its extra long bill will keep you protected, and the three-layer fabric will ensure you're dry and comfortable. The folding brim is ingenious too, and tough enough to survive machine washing. The only issue is that its single size might be too large for hikers with smaller heads.


  • +

    Effective waterproofing

  • +

    Extra-long brim keeps rain out of eyes

  • +

    Comfortable adjustable fit

  • +

    Well designed folding brim

  • +

    Machine washable


  • -

    Single size might be too large for those with smaller heads

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Sealskinz Salle Cap: first impressions

The Sealskinz Salle Cap (available direct from Sealskinz) is part of the company's first full range of waterproof clothing, which launched in July 2023. As you'd expect from Sealskinz, the cap is waterproof, designed to keep your head dry when you don't want to wear (or don't have to hand) a full waterproof jacket.


List price: $42.50 (US) / £30 (UK)
Sizes: One size
Materials: 100% polyester
Colors: Blue, dark orange, black, mint, cream, pink, and many more

There are men's and women's versions listed online, but they're actually the same size, so you can pick whichever you prefer. The women's options include a wide range of attractive pastel colors (including mint, shown here), while the men's range includes brighter shades and camo options.

All Salle hats are constructed from a three-layer fabric, with a waterproof membrane in between the robust outer and inner breathable mesh layers. They have a particularly long bill, which helps keep water and sun out of your eyes, and a generous fit that can be adjusted at the back using a side-release buckle.

The Salle Cap's most interesting feature, however, is its folding brim, which allows it to pack down small enough to stuff into a jacket pocket, or the side pocket of your hiking backpack.

Back of Sealskinz Salle Cap

The cap can be closed and adjusted using a side release buckle (Image credit: Future)

Sealskinz Salle Cap: on the trails

I used the Sealskinz Salle Cap for both hiking and running during the particularly wet August of 2023, and was thoroughly impressed by its performance. 

The Salle Cap isn't marketed for running, but I usually wear a baseball hat when I need to train in the rain (waterproof running jackets have an unpleasant sous-vide effect once you're warmed up), so I was keen to see how it would perform.

The folding design is excellent. The bill is very sturdy, with a flexible hinge down the center that locks open when the hat is unfolded. It's is nice and roomy but easily adjustable thanks to the rear clip, which keeps it firmly in place even when the wind picks up. No worries about chasing it down the street during a sudden gust.

Sealskinz Salle Cap folded in person's hand

The folding brim is binged down the center, but is super tough and easily handles being stuffed in a bag or machine washed (Image credit: Future)

The outer brushed nylon layer did eventually wet out during an exceptionally heavy downpour, meaning water stopped beading, but it never penetrated the middle waterproof membrane and my hair remained dry underneath. I really appreciated the long brim, which did an excellent job of keeping water out of my eyes (particularly important for me as a contact lens wearer). Despite the three-layer waterproofing I never found the hat too hot. either. 

After the run, the brushed nylon had some water marks, but as instructed by Sealskinz I threw it in the washing machine at 30C, and it came out looking good as new. Doing this won't compromise the waterproof membrane, and makes life a lot easier than having to use wash-in waterproofing each time the hat needs cleaning. I was also pleased to see that the brim didn't get bent at all during the washing process.

Water beading on Sealskinz Salle Cap

Water will eventually seep through the top fabric in a heavy downpour, but won't penetrate the waterproof middle membrane (Image credit: Future)

All in all, I've found it nearly impossible to fault the Sealskinz Salle Cap. The only potential issue is that the single size might be too large for hikers and runners with small heads; I'm 5'10" with a head to match and found it perfect, but a smaller person might find it too deep.

Now that I've finished testing the review sample, I'll be investing in my own to keep tucked into the side pocket of my backpack. The only decision is which color.

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