SunGod Ullrs goggles review: unrivalled quality and clarity of vision

Fully customizable, the SunGod Ullrs offer excellent visibility even in flat light

A woman on skis stands on a snowy mountainside, wearing a pair of SunGod Ullrs goggles.
(Image: © Jessie Leong)

Advnture Verdict

The SunGod Ullrs are a reliable, comfortable pair of goggles with great customisation options. They fit well and offer excellent visibility even in flat light, protecting you from eye strain in bright, white snowy conditions. They can be worn whilst skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling and double up for walking and biking in low light. SunGod have once again proven that you can have style, substance and some serious sustainability in a product. A must have for any snowsport fans.


  • +

    Great for low-vis conditions

  • +

    Straps stay on

  • +

    Can be worn with glasses


  • -

    Limited lens colors for low visibility

  • -

    Only one size

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Meet the reviewer

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Jessie Leong

A former brand ambassador for Merrell and current Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion, Jessie Leong’s lifelong outdoor odyssey began with Duke of Edinburgh’s Award walks in the Peak District. This segued into long hill hikes in the Yorkshire Dales, multi-Eagle Creek Pack-It Essentials Setday treks in the Lake District, scrambles in North Wales and adventures scaling alpine pinnacles.

SunGod Ullrs: first impressions

According to Norse mythology, Ullr – the stepson of Thor – was the god of snow, an expert skier, skater and hunter. It’s an apt inspiration for the SunGod Ullrs, boasting new snow lenses that use 8KO technology which, SunGod claims, improves clarity while also maintaining durability and scratch resistance.

The SunGod Ullrs (available to buy direct from SunGod) offer the choice of a slightly pricier 8KO lens over a standard lens, with the use of nylon as a lens material, which is lighter, tougher and clearer than traditional polycarbonate lenses. As for sun and UV protection, rest assured all SunGod sunglasses and goggles protect 100% from UV rays, regardless of the visible light transmission (VLT) rating of the lenses. For the test, I wanted to try a relatively high VLT rating – not a particularly dark lens – as I wanted something that could be worn in dull and flat light. SunGod offers a wide range of lens colors, from Fire (11% VLT) and Silver Blue (9% VLT) which are a darker tint, to the High-Vis Blue which has a VLT rating of 38% for dull, flat white light days.

The photochromatic lenses in the range such as Smoke automatically adjust dependent on light, so if the skies are clear the lenses will adjust their tint and VLT. Conversely, if the light if flat and dull, the VLT will adjust to become higher, offering better visibility in poorer weather. Overall, it’s important to wear the correct lens for the appropriate weather conditions and as a winter climber and skier from the UK, having a low visibility lens is a much more practical choice.

Most ski helmets can be wider than climbing and bike helmets, and to help with this the SunGod Ullrs have a generous strap, with a Grip-Lock silicone backing that ensures the goggles adhere to the shiny helmet plastic.


• List price: $150 (US) / £115 (UK) for standard lens; $215 / £165 for 8KO polarised lens
• Sizes: One size, 99mm / 4in (height) x 172mm/6.75in (width)
• Colors: Matt white with silver blue / Matt black with smoke / Matt grey with fire / Matt white with purple / Matt grey with high-vis blue / Matt teal with fire /Protect Our Winters UK / Woodsy signature series / Katie Ormerod signature series / Ari Tricomi signature series
• Lens colors: 8KO snow silver blue / 8KO snow green / 8KO snow fire / 8KO snow purple / 8KO snow pink / 8KO snow smoke / 8KO snow high-vis blue
• Compatibility: Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, mountain biking

SunGod offers a lifetime guarantee for its products and excellent customer service that will offer to service or fix a damaged component. The goggles are also easy to swap with interchangeable lenses for further customisation.

SunGod is a member of 1% for the Planet and is certified carbon neutral, with its detailed impact report naming the ways in which they are committed to reducing their carbon output. As a brand, SunGod has also built a business model that puts people, planet, and profit on equal footing.

With this in mind, I was impressed to learn about the ways in which they’ve considered longevity in the design of the Ullrs, from using frames that flex instead of snapping to screwless hinges that remove weak points, triple-layer scratch-resistant lens coatings and capsule designs rather than seasonal collections.

SunGod Ullrs: in the field

Working in northern Iceland, where daylight in winter ranges from a little over four hours a day in December and January to rapidly advancing longer days in March, it’s not unusual to experience multiple seasons in a day from temperatures around -14°C / 7°F to 7°C / 45°F, which demand the use of ski goggles in a variety of winter conditions. I tested the SunGod Ullrs while out ski touring, and was surprised at how comfortable and how well made they were. Using a compact goggle geometry, the lenses sit within a frame that fits neatly over ski helmets and full-face helmets while snowmobiling. The shape of the lens protects all round to help reduce glare and improve spatial awareness, which was noted when the wind started to pick up and I was getting ready to commit to some steep snow descents at the top of the backcountry mountain slopes.

A woman wearing ski gear and SunGod Ullrs goggles stands on a snowy mountainside, smiling

The SunGod Ullrs' "Grip-Lock" silicon strap helps them stay firmly attached to a skiing helmet (Image credit: Jessie Leong)

The SunGod Ullrs proved to be a reliable pair of goggles, despite being in my bag alongside other tools and attaching to my helmet all day. They come with a goggle pouch that doubles up as a lens cloth, but I’d also recommend using a lens cover to add extra protection.

Comfort wise, the SunGod Ullrs are a universal fit and can suit head shapes from small through to extra-large thanks to their clever design. I found the Ullrs comfortable to wear even after a full day of skiing, thanks to the triple layer of foam providing a snug fit, whilst a flexible TPU frame hugged my face without sitting too close. The Grip-Lock silicon strap helped keep the goggles attached to the helmet without any slippage, meaning I was less likely to lose them when stopping for a quick break.

The SunGod Ullrs use a frame that has been designed with cleverly thought-out vents to help improve ventilation and reduce snow and moisture access. This means no having to take the goggles off and clumsily wipe away beads of moisture halfway through the day – a bonus if weather conditions deteriorate and the goggles become an even more essential piece of kit to safely navigate off the mountains. For glasses users, the Ullrs are a widely adaptable fit so can be worn over the top of glasses, although I prefer to wear contact lenses so as to not risk any fogging while skiing.

Jessie Leong

A former brand ambassador for Merrell and current Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion, Jessie Leong’s lifelong outdoor odyssey began with Duke of Edinburgh’s Award walks in the Peak District. This segued into long hill hikes in the Yorkshire Dales, multi-day treks in the Lake District, scrambles in North Wales and adventures scaling alpine pinnacles. When not walking, she can be found rock climbing, wild swimming, cycling, photographing, filmmaking, writing and modelling. Jessie’s most recent claim to fame is playing a Miss World contestant in the 2020 feature film Misbehaviour.