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We love campfires. They keep everyone warm when the sun goes down, provide perfect conditions for cooking s’mores and act as a focal point that completes any camp. But they aren’t always that convenient when you factor in finding a place to make them and clearing up afterward. Campsites will usually not allow you to light fires on the ground even in fire pits areas. (Be sure to check any restrictions on fires where you camp as they vary in different areas and conditions). 

The best fire pits are like campfires you can put in the back of the car. Often foldable, they give you a sturdy base to light a fire in that won’t scorch the grass or get out of control. They are also much easier to cook on and light quickly when it’s late and you want to get a fire going. When you’re done, they are much easier to empty of ash and take home. They leave no trace that you even had a fire. And what works while camping is also good for backyards and gardens when you want to sit outside, spend time with friends and look into the flickering flames under the stars. Here’s our selection of camping fire pits that will light up any outdoor adventure.

Best overall

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Pop-Up Fire Pit

Fold up fire pit you can take anywhere

With a simple design and rugged construction, this gives you a full-size fire pit that folds up into a tent-size carry bag. It’s easy to set up in a minute with no fasteners or bolts to secure in the dark but has good stability with cross-braces and a low center of gravity. A heat shield protects the ground from scorching so you can set this up anywhere and there’s an optional grill for cooking on.

Best for easy fires

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Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

Spark-free, gas-powered fire

When you want a fire but not the mess, expense and smoke of firewood, this fire pit uses clean propane gas to provide the flames. Compact and easy to transport, you can set up the all-weather fire bowl easily and have roaring flames in minutes. There are no sparks so this CSA-approved fire pit is very safe to use, with permission, in forested areas.

Best for backyards

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KINGSO Outdoor Fire Pit

Durable bowl for a real blaze

Light enough to carry but sturdy enough for a proper outdoor fire, this steel-framed fire pit bowl is ideal for camping or backyard fires. The log grate keeps your fuel off the bottom of the bowl and it comes with a screen cover to keep all the sparks and embers in the fire. A wood-handled poker lets you position coals or wood when tending the fire.

Expert choice

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Solo Stove Ranger Outdoor Fire Pit

Stunning design, efficient flames

A compact fire pit with vents perfectly positioned to maximize airflow means less smoke and more flames from this stylish fire pit. Not only will this help you avoid having clothes that smell of campfire but your wood will burn more efficiently too. Weighing just 15lbs, it needs no setting up, just take it out of its carry bag and make your fire.

Bottom line

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Camping fire pits are nothing less than portable fires. They preserve the coziness and atmosphere of an open fire that we all love but are easier to use, safer for the campground and more convenient to clean up. This means you can actually have more fires than when doing it the traditional way. When it comes to picking the right model for most people, we have chosen the Pop-Up Fire Pit. This is a well-designed pit that is easy to carry and set up yet has the space and airflow for a proper fire.

If you want a fire pit that is always set up and ready to go, perhaps for backyard use, the Solo Stove is also one to consider. It’s a stunning-looking, modern fire pit that works well for camping but would also be a sound backyard investment for parties and barbecues when you want to sit out and chat around a fire.

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