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one gallon bottle
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Everyone needs a reusable water bottle to help them stay hydrated. But most bottles don’t hold enough to get you through the day without having to refill. If you’re hiking and away from a reliable source of water that could be a problem. Similarly, when exercising in the gym, it’s good not to be distracted by continually refilling your bottle.

The one gallon water bottle solves it simply by giving you a whole day’s recommended amount of water. They are usually made from either plastic or stainless steel. Plastic is lighter but not as indestructible as stainless steel. Many people feel safer drinking from plastic which is certified BPA-free too. A wide mouth is a good feature as it makes popping in ice cubes to cool your water down easier and also makes washing your bottle a cinch. Here are the bottles we would recommend. 

Best overall

one gallon bottle

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BOTTLED JOY 1 Gallon Water Bottle

Functional and easy to fill

This BPA-free bottle holds a full day’s recommended water intake in some style. It has a screw top and silicone gasket to make a tight seal and prevent leaks. The 1.5” wide mouth can take ice cubes and the flip-top lip makes refilling effortless and cleaning easy with a bottle brush. There’s a built-in handle to carry it and a motivational time marker reminder on the side.

Best leakproof bottle

one gallon bottle

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Venture Pal Large 1 Gallon/128 OZ (When Full) Motivational BPA Free Leakproof Water Bottle

Motivational markings and a flip-top

You can measure your water intake with this bottle's time marker and a motivational quote should ensure you remember to stay hydrated. Equipped with a carrying handle and flip-top opening mechanism, it's easy to take with you on hikes and to the gym. Made of leakproof plastic the wide opening means you can add ice cubes too.

Best value

one gallon bottle

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Life Bottle! Time Marked Water Bottle

Extra-large and BPA-free

This bottle can actually take 1.3 gallons so there’s extra room for ice cubes or more water. Time markings go from 7am to 7pm on the BPA-free PET-G plastic sides which has a handle and strap for easy carrying and pouring. The leakproof screw top has a double cap and flip-top to drink from. You get a water bottle brush for easy cleaning.

Best insulated bottle

one gallon bottle

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IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle

Insulated stainless steel flask

Made from premium 18/8 stainless steel this flask has double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. The powder-coated exterior has a laser engraved logo to make it stand out. Stainless steel has no metallic taste, won’t rust and is non-toxic so it’s a good container for 128oz of water.

Bottom line

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One gallon bottles are an easy way to solve any doubts that you’re not drinking enough water. Fill one up and you know when you get to the bottom by the end of the day that you’re on track. They are even more essential when hiking or in the outdoors where you can’t always just turn on a tap to refill. The bottle we would recommend to most people is the BOTTLED JOY 1 Gallon Water Bottle. It’s thoroughly leak-proof, has time markings and a good wide mouth that can accommodate ice. 

If you prefer stainless steel bottles for their durability, the IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle is a good choice. It’s double insulated so as well as keeping the contents cold or hot, it’s easier to hold without worrying about the temperature of the contents. It’s a good thick durable flask that will last you for years of use. 

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