Compressport targets endurance runners with latest range of technical socks

Compressport Mid Compression Socks V2.0 pink and yellow
(Image credit: Compressport)

Respected Swiss running gear brand Compressport (the “socks with the dots”) has updated its technical running socks range to offer even more comfort and enhanced performance to people who regularly punish their feet with endurance feats.

The three news are upgrades to existing favorites, with one pair aimed at marathon runners, another and trail runners and the third pair at those seeking some compression. They look really good too (we really like the non-matching hues on some of the colorways, but that may be a matter of taste).

According to Compressport, “These technical socks are still designed at 360° to optimize performance during exercise, and once again offer extreme comfort and biomechanical benefits designed to optimize blood circulation and postural support. Not forgetting the legendary and iconic 3D Dots, the brand’s unique signature technology.”

The three newcomers are:

Compressport Ultra Trail Socks V2.0

Compressport Ultra Trail Socks V2.0 (Image credit: Compressport)

Ultra Trail Socks v2.0 – high-protection trail running socks that help absorb shock and offer ankle reinforcement for stability and a cool foot feel during ultra-marathons. Available in White & Safe Yellow / Black & Red / Dazz Blue & Blue.  $25 (US) / £22 (UK) / €25 (Europe)

Compressport Pro Marathon Socks V2.0

Compressport Pro Marathon Socks V2.0 (Image credit: Compressport)

Pro Marathon Socks v2.0 – running socks with integrated PTFE fibres that help to prevent overheating and blisters during long efforts. Available in Black, Safe Yellow & Neo Pink / Black & White / White & Black. $25 (US) / £22 (UK) / €25 (Europe)

Compressport Mid Compression Socks V2.0

(Image credit: Compressport)

Mid Compression Socks v2.0 – ultra-light compression socks that combine the technologies of a calf sleeve with high ventilation. Available in Black & White / White & Black / White, Safe Yellow & Neo Pink. $30 (US) / £26 (UK) / €30 (Europe)

The Compressport success story began in Switzerland in 2008, when the company’s founder Sylvain Laur developed the innovative R2 calf sleeves. From its original medical beginnings, it quickly developed into an accomplished team of doctors, researchers and experts who still work hand in hand with professional and amateur athletes today. They launched their first range of socks in 2011. Strategically placed 3D dots, wide toe boxes and soft mesh fabric protect the foot from blisters and pressure points.