First cast chub is a beast

Tom Morgan displays his awesome 8 lb 3 oz chub (Image credit: Angler's Mail)

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Nottingham-based Tom pipped his old personal best by just 1 oz with the specimen, which fell to his first cast on an overnight session.

Tom explained: “After getting the first two rods set up and preparing the third, the first rod I put out knocked. As the Trent's water level was up, I thought it could have been a bit of debris on my line, but minutes later I heard two beeps on my alarm and the line dropped slack.

“I picked it up and I was in, after the rig had been out for only ten minutes or so. The fish was coming straight in towards me, heading for the reeds, as they always do in this peg.

“As it came to the surface and I got a glimpse of it, my first impression was of a small common carp. It was only when I got it in the net that my jaw dropped to see it was actually a huge chub.

“I’ve had big chub in the past, my previous PB being 8 lb 2 oz, so I knew that this was something special.

“I was over the moon to see the scales go round to 8 lb 3 oz, to give me a new PB. I shouted to the angler in the next peg up, who quickly came to give me a hand and take some pictures. He really couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the fish.

“I caught it on a drop-off lead rig, fished with a single 18 mm Dynamite The Source boilie on a hair with a PVA bag of a few freebies and CompleX-T pellets. I also had a fair few other chub that night on the same method,” concluded Tom.

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