This folding fat-tire e-bike is built for adventures, and costs less than you'd expect

Man riding Heybike Mars 2.0 in desert
(Image credit: Heybike)

E-bikes are a great way to make off-road riding more accessible, taking the strain out of climbs so you can enjoy the downhills. Folding designs are even more practical. Sure, you won't be able to heave your e-MTB onto a bus (they often weigh over 30kg), but it'll compress down small enough to stash in your trunk so you can drive to your next adventure.

We've seen some interesting designs this year, like the all-terrain Cube Fold Hybrid, and now budget bike builder Heybike has revealed a fat tire model with a top pedal-assisted speed of 28mph that packs down in just 15 seconds.

The Heybike Mars 2.0 is equipped with a 1,200W brushless geared hub motor, which the company says will deliver a maximum speed of 28mph with pedal assistance. It has a quoted maximum range of 45 miles, though real world performance will depend on your riding style and the terrain. If you're having fun off-road then you can expect that to be diminished significantly, but it should still give you plenty of time to enjoy the trails.

Man putting Heybike Mars 2.0 in car trunk

(Image credit: Heybike)

As design site New Atlas explains, the Mars 2.0 also has a thumb throttle for riding entirely on the battery. Laws around this type of bike vary, so make sure you check the rules on e-bike classes where you live to find out whether it qualifies as a bicycle or a motorcycle, and where it's legal to ride.

Chunky, but fun

A handlebar-mounted HUD shows vital stats such as speed and battery power remaining, and there's also a mobile app for Android and iPhone that lets you tweak settings and immobilize the bike when you're away. You can even charge your phone from the power pack thanks to a handy USB connector.

At this price point, you can expect a few compromises. The Mars 2.0 isn't the sleekest e-bike around, with its 600Wh battery sitting rather conspicuously on the back, but that does make it easy to remove for charging, and the bike still looks like a lot of fun to ride. 

It's available to buy now for $1,199 in Heybike's Halloween sale – a saving of $300 off the list price. While certainly not cheap, that's very reasonable for a folding e-MTB, which needs to be carefully designed with a hinge that can handle the stress of off-roading,

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