Forget the car, this new e-bike can carry over 200lb of camping gear, plus you

Woman riding Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus on trail
(Image credit: Rad Power Bikes)

Rad Power Bikes, which specializes in practical multi-terrain e-bikes, has just launched a tough new tourer that'll take the strain out of bikepacking.

If you're used to car camping, bikepacking presents a whole new challenge. How can you keep your gear as light as possible? How many creature comforts can you leave behind, and do you need to invest in a lot of new ultra-light gear?

The new RadRunner 3 Plus e-bike helps bridge the gap, letting you take more of your regular camping gear without slowing you down. It's a rugged class two e-bike (meaning it offers both pedal-assisted power and a throttle) that can handle roads and trails, and is capable of carrying a payload of 350lb including rider and cargo. That's up from 300lb for the original RadRunner 3.

It packs a 750W motor, and has a maximum range of 45 miles on a single charge, though the exact distance will vary depending on the load, the terrain, and how you manage the power throughout your ride.

Rad Power Bikes Rad Runner 3 Plus e-bike on white background

(Image credit: Rad Power Bikes)

The RadRunner 3 Plus has a low step-through frame, making it easier to mount and dismount while you're wearing a backpack and hiking pants, plus hydraulic brakes for the extra stopping power you need when carrying heavy loads.

It also features integrated reflective details, plus LED headlamps and tail lamps as standard to make sure you're seen after dark and in inclement weather. You also get fenders as standard to keep spray at bay. Extras including racks, baskets, bags and bungees can be bundled with the bike too.

The RadRunner 3 Plus is available now direct from Rad Power Bikes for $2,499, which certainly isn't pocket change, but is good value for a well-specced cargo e-bike. If you're not sure whether it's the right introduction to bikepacking for you, there's also a free 14-day trial period so you can take it for a good spin before investing.

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