Hiker dies trying to retrieve fallen camera tripod above waterfall

Yanbacoochie Falls, Queensland, Australia
(Image credit: Getty Images)

A hiker has died at Lamington National Park in Queensland, Australia, after falling while taking photos at the top of a waterfall.

The victim, who has been identified as a woman in her 20s, was shooting photos at Yanbacoochie Falls on the Box Forest Circuit while hiking with friends. Her tripod fell over, and while attempting to retrieve it, she lost her footing and slid around 10 meters down a slope, before falling another four meters into a water hole.

Off-duty medical staff who happened to be nearby were quick to administer first aid, and were soon joined by emergency responders, but sadly the woman was unresponsive and passed away at the scene.

Emergency services were first called shortly after midday, but according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the difficult terrain and remote location meant the recovery effort took over six hours. A coroner's investigation is currently underway. Our thoughts are with the victim's family and friends.

The Queensland Government advises anyone exploring waterfalls and swimming holes to make sure they research the area first, and check that the route suits their own fitness levels, plus those of their companions. You should also know where you can and can't go, and where it's safe to get in the water.

"Don’t risk jumping or smashing into rocks and falling into water on park, often very far away from emergency service assistance," warns the government's website.

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