Influencer shamed for dangerous yoga stunt at Zion National Park

Exit sign at Zion National Park, USA
(Image credit: Getty)

A social media influencer has been shamed after sharing a video of herself posing on the wrong side of a cliffside safety barrier, inches from a vertical drop at Zion National Park. The woman can be seen executing a yoga ballerina pose before climbing back over, then sitting on the rock with her legs dangling over the edge.

The video, included below, appears to have been filmed by a second person using a drone, which is also prohibited. It was shared on Instagram account TouronsOfYellowstone, which highlights examples of bad behavior at US National Parks and other sites of natural beauty,

Zion offers stunning views to hikers willing to tackle its steep trails, but the National Park Service (NPS) warns that carelessness can be deadly. Angels Landing is the most notorious hiking trail at Zion, and its steep drops have claimed several lives over the years, and the rest of the park presents its own dangers.

"Loose sand or pebbles on stone are very slippery," says the NPS. "Be careful of edges when using cameras or binoculars. Never throw or roll rocks. There may be hikers below you. Be aware of the hazards to keep you, others, and park resources safe during your visit."

Visitors are warned to stay on the trail, stay well back from cliff edges, observe posted warnings, and keep a close eye on children at all times.

If accidents do happen, the terrain means aerial rescue operations can be difficult or impossible. Last year an experienced climber named Cassy Brown fell between 50 and 80 feet during a canyoneering accident at ZIon. A helicopter was called to the scene, but was unable to reach her due to the steep and narrow canyon walls.

Emergency workers eventually arrived on the scene, but Brown sadly passed away from her injuries moments later.

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