National Parks & Recreation? Watch Joshua Tree National Park reimagined as a sitcom

Joshua Tree National Park reimagined as a sitcom
(Image credit: @joshuatreenps / Instagram)

Is Joshua Tree the National Park where everybody knows your name?  What you talkin’ ’bout, Joshua? D’oh! You know, it’s where the rangers “Suit up!” and ask, “How ya doin’?” Bazinga!

Well, that’s our attempt at reinventing Joshua Tree National Park in California as a US sitcom (you did get all the references, right?) but the media team at the park have come up with a much better attempt. Well, if Yellowstone can have an entire TV drama series devoted to it, Joshua Tree deserves its own comedy. After all, it’s crying out to be titled 'National Parks and Recreation'.

The video, credited to NPS/Samantha Laarman, was created to celebrate Workforce Wednesday of National Park Week, and you can watch it below.

The music, by the way (in case it sounded naggingly familiar) is a cover version of Everywhere You Look, which was theme theme song for ’80s sitcom Full House, starring John Stamos and Bob Saget. 

Strangely for such a fun video, the accompanying blurb is a bit dry: “Video Description: A video clip of a desert landscape with the text Joshua Tree National Park Starring. 12 clips of different park rangers doing tasks and looking up and smiling at the camera. Text over the different clips reads ‘Fees’, ‘Interpretation’, ‘Wildlife’, ‘Cultural Resources’, ‘Buildings and Utilities’, ‘Trails’, ‘Vegetation’ ‘Preventative Search and Rescue’, ‘Roads’, ‘Education’, ‘Campgrounds’, ‘Law Enforcement’. The last clip is a Joshua tree with text that reads ‘and many more’.”

Or it could be a masterpiece in deadpan understatement. Just think of it being read out in the voice of Andy Kaufman as Latka from Taxi.