Loyal dog saves hiker after terrifying 70ft fall

Intelligent and athletic, border collies make great hiking companions
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A border collie saved his owner after the man fell 70ft while hiking in rural California, leading rescuers to the injured man's location.

The 53-year-old man was exploring Tahoe National Forest when the accident happened in a remote area, far from help. Despite a broken hip and rib, he managed to reach an area where he had enough phone reception to call for help and send his GPS location.

As KCRA reports, search and rescue team set out to find him the following morning, but were unable to pinpoint him until one of the man's friends advised them to keep an eye out for his dog, Saul.

"Just a couple minutes later though, they saw Saul come down to them," said Sergeant Dennis Haack of the Nevada County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue. "They started following him. He went for somewhere between 150 and 200 yards and took them right to the victim, who was in a small shelter that was covered with camouflage tarp."

The rescuers were able to transport the man to a landing zone half a mile away, where he was taken to hospital by helicopter.

"He was very lucky his dog directed our search personnel to him," Haack said.

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