Watch top mountain biker’s awesome ride down the world’s most challenging ski race course

Fabio Wibmer Bikes Down the Streif Ski Race Course
(Image credit: Fabio Wibmer / YouTube)

This isn't the first time that a top mountain biker has spiked up their steed’s tires and hurtled down what’s widely regarded as one of the most challenging ski race courses in the world, but it’s certainly the most entertaining attempt.

The course in question is the Streif, located in Kitzbühel, Austria, and home of the Hahnenkamm, a legendary downhill ski race. It’s challenging enough on two skis, let alone two wheels (there really ought to be a skiing term for it).

Six years ago, Austrian mountain biker Max Stöckl rode down the Streif and very impressive he was too.

But fellow Austrian Fabio Wibmer adds a lot of fun (right from the opening image of his bike strung to the side of a ski lift gondola) – as well as a lot more air (he literally backflips onto the course) – to his attempt, resulting in a video edit that also has some amusing nods to the history of the race. 

Wibmer is a master of this kind of social media-quaking stunt videos but he’s on top form here. There are so many moments when you want to churlishly utter, “Show off!” but you don’t because you’re too busy being awestruck. Plus, he injects so much wit into the stunt, you have to love him for it.

Even the part where he rides up the fence advertising is an homage to one of the race’s great moments, emulating Bode Miller famously briefly skiing along the fence in 2008 on his way to second place.

Well, what else are fearless mountain bikers in the middle of a chilly central European winter supposed to do to pass the time?