National Park rangers looking for illegal BASE jumper who parachuted off mountain

Man BASE jumping off mountain
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Rangers at Glacier National Park are looking for a person who took part in an illegal BASE jump off the park's fifth highest peak, Mount Siyeh. 

As Missoulian reports, a hiker visiting Glacier with his family spotted a person with a parachute gliding down the side of the mountain to Cracker Lake. The hiker, Jody Hildreth, quickly snapped a photo before reporting the incident..

Park officials are now investigating, and spokesperson Brandy Burke says that the jumper could face a fine of up to $5,000 and six months' jail time if convicted. If you recognize the individual pictured in the tweet below, you can contact Glacier rangers on 406-888-7077, or submit a tip online.

BASE (building, antenna, span, earth) jumping is a sport that involves leaping from a fixed object, and using a parachute to reach the ground. Jumpers often wear wingsuits to glide, but not always.

BASE jumping takes place at lower altitudes than skydiving, and close to large structures, so there's less time for jumpers to correct any mistakes and more risk of collisions. Mount Siyeh was the site of a fatal BASE jumping accident in 2014, and the activity is banned in all US National Parks.

In 2020, a man pleaded guilty to two BASE jumping incidents at Zion National Park, resulting in a $5,000 fine and a two-year ban. The jumper, professional athlete Marshall Miller, was warned that any further offenses would result in a jail sentence.

"BASE jumping is an extremely dangerous sport," said Zion National Park Chief Ranger, Daniel Fagergren at the time. "When a fatality occurs, the Search and Rescue Team often has to manage an additional amount of risk while recovering the body from the extreme vertical terrain."

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