This beastly adventure e-bike can carry up to 400lb off-road, with a max range of 200 miles

Man riding Tern Orox e-bike
(Image credit: Tern)

Bikepacking and batteries are a natural fit, letting you explore further and carry more than would otherwise be possible, and there's a growing category of 'adventure' e-bikes designed for exactly that, with fat tires for tackling trails and extra-long battery life. The latest addition to the set is the Orox, from Taiwanese bike builder Tern, which combines e-MTB design with the carrying capacity of a city cargo bike.

As Electrek explains, the Orox is powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and can be fitted with dual 800Wh batteries for a maximum range of 200 miles. Naturally the real world range will depend on the terrain, your riding style, gradient, and how heavily you load it up with your camping gear, but that's an impressive figure nonetheless.

When it comes to carrying capacity, Tern says that the Orox can handle loads of up to 400lb off-road, or 460lb on-road (including you), so you can afford to take all your creature comforts on your bikepacking adventure.

Man with Tern Orox e-bike

(Image credit: Tern)

The Bosch drive system means you get access to the eBike Flow app, which offers features like route-planning, over-the-air firmware updates, remote locking, and an anti-theft alarm. If your bike is moved significantly while you're away, you'll get a notification complete with GPS tracking, and the app will generate a report containing all the appropriate information about the bike so you can share it with the police,

You can switch the forks out to fit different tire sizes, all the way up to a beefy 5in. There's a rigid fork, which might seem like an unusual choice, but Tern has chosen to trade front suspension for extra storage space on the frame, which is covered with 14 braze-ons for your bags and bottles.

Of course, this doesn't come cheap, and the Orox is definitely at the premium end of the adventure bike market. Prices start at $6,499 / £5,900.

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