Officials need your help to find shy orphaned bear cub

Black bear cub climbing tree in forest
(Image credit: Getty)

Wildlife officials in California have asked outdoor explorers to help find a nervous young black bear that escaped from an enclosure near Lake Tahoe.

The orphaned cub is roughly a year old, and was being looked after at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care (LTWC) when he found a way out of its play area.

The cub, who weighs around 50lb, can be identified by a metal tag on his right ear with the number '1028'. LTWC has asked people not to actively search for or approach the youngster.

"If you are able to stay within eyesight and call CDFW at (916) 358-2917 or LTWC at (530) 577-2273, this would be the most helpful course of action," the center wrote in an Instagram post.

Officials say he poses no threat to the public and isn't in imminent danger, but he may be too young to take care of himself for a long time in the winter.

As the New York Post reports, officials believe he is likely to have found a safe hiding place, where he will stay until he becomes hungry.

"The bear dislikes people and is extremely skittish," a spokesperson for the center said. "His personality at LTWC was one of a hider. He spent most of his time solo inside his den area."

The cub was rescued in Seiad Valley in December last year, severely underweight but otherwise in good health. He was taken to LTWC to be rehabilitated ready to be released back into the wild.

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