This new e-MTB makes steep climbs a breeze, and boasts a maximum range of 180 miles

Optibike RIOT e-MTB
(Image credit: Optibike)

What you want from the ultimate e-MTB is a bike that’ll climb near-vertical cliff faces and go on forever and ever. The new Optibike RIOT can’t quite achieve that but it does boast a powerful motor designed to chew up steep slopes and a battery with a range of up to 180 miles. Definitely on to consider for bikepacking.

According to the company, the RIOT is the most powerful e-bike of its kind, capable of climbing gradients of up to 46%, with the longest range. “Optibike introduces the world’s most powerful Class 1 eMTB,” says the marketing blurb. “The RIOT outperforms everything. It is the longest range eMTB with a massive 1630 watt-hr battery, 3x the size of most other bikes.”

The Optibike RIOT e-MTB, which is available to pre-order now from the brand’s online store, comes in US and EU versions.

The US version features the brand’s bespoke PowerStorm Mid-drive Motor with 190Nm of torque and 750W of power, and a 20mph (32km/h) speed limit.

The EU version similarly features a PowerStorm Mid-drive Motor with 190Nm of torque, but with 250W of power, and a 15.5 MPH (25km/h) speed limit for the EU market.

They retail at $14,400 / €13,200.

Optibike RIOT e-MTB

A range of 180 miles and the ability to make 45% slopes feel like a gentle incline – the Optibike RIOT e-MTB (Image credit: Optibike)

Most of its nearest rivals when it comes to battery life are urban e-bikes with ranges of 130-140 miles (Optibike itself offers the Optibike R22 Everest e-MTB with a range of 300 miles, but its marketing team clearly think that belongs in another class).

Both models feature a dual-sided pedelec torque sensor for natural feeling assistance and a 1,620Wh lithium-ion battery to provide those 180-mile rides.

At the front is a RockShox ZEB Ultimate suspension fork, and at the rear is a Fox 230x65 Float X air shock, both with 170mm travel. Customers can personalize their bike with options like a 14-speed Rohloff geared hub or cassette and derailleur. Other features include large disc brakes, a handlebar-mounted LCD display and an optional 2,700-lumen headlight.

The carbon fiber frame and swingarm help to keep the bike lightweight (around 68lbs / 31kg).

Shipping dates have yet to be announced.