Outdoor clothing brand launches new carbon off-set packages

mangrove trees
Mangrove trees are part of a tree planting off-set campaign by tentree (Image credit: Getty Images)

On World Earth Day, outdoor clothing brand Tentree is promoting a new carbon-busting tree planting campaign.

The company believes that big change starts small when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment – and they offer customers the chance to offset their carbon footprint with various tree planting packages.

The Climate+ collection includes a Delivery package that allows consumers to pay £3.45 to off-set 1.4 tons of carbon by planting 10 tress. The carbon balance is the equivalent of the delivery of five to 10 domestic packages in the UK. 

Another tree planting bundle, which costs £3.65, is called A Lifetime of Smart Phones. It is based on the fact that many of us have a collection of old or broken phones. 

The Climate+ package pledges to plant nine tress to off-set 1.3 tons of carbon emissions, which aims to balance the average person's 14 phones over their lifetime.

You could gift a friend the Long Shower Climate+ package for £7.45. This buys an off-set of 4 tons of CO2 through the planning of 17 trees to counter the actions of taking extra long showers. The package off-sets the average person showering an extra seven minutes a day over the course of seven years.

There are other packages such as single use plastics, food delivery, surfing the net, an international flight, plastic bags and more. 

graphic that shows tentree climate plus

Outdoor clothing brand tentree is promoting Climate+ packages (Image credit: tentree)

What is tentree climate+?

The aim is to go beyond "net zero" carbon emissions and purchasing a Climate+ package allows consumers to off-set  lifestyle choices by planting trees. The aim is that the new trees will eventually  off-set your footprint, while also providing jobs and rehabilitating eco-systems.

Trees do something called "sequestering carbon". This is their way of cleaning the air and eliminating harmful elements from the earth. They do this by absorbing the C02 and storing the carbon. Not only do trees sequester carbon, they also produce oxygen.

The typical tree sequesters CO2 over their 25-year lifespan – and tentree plans to  plant enough trees to ensure the emissions are offset within 10 years. 

What type of trees are being planted and where?

The trees planed by tentree are primarily mangrove trees in Madagascar and Indonesia, as well as Acacia trees in Senegal and Avocado trees in Haiti. 

Mangrove trees, in particular, are said to be one of the most efficient carbon sequestering trees in the world.

Tnetree  has planting partners, such as Eden Reforestation Projects, Trees for the Future and Plant with Purpose. 

The brand also sells outdoor clothes and accessories that are made with "the most sustainable (and comfortable) materials in the world", such as Tencel, Hemp, organic cotton, recycle polyester and linen.

See tentree Climate+.

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