Reebok unveils new high-top training shoes (though it's too late for Lil Nas X)

Reebok Nano UNKNWN shoes
(Image credit: Reebok)

Reebok has launched a new high-top training shoe designed to give support and stability for cross-training. The new Nano UNKNWN is an update of the original lightweight mid-height shoe (which landed in 2020), with design tweaks to make it more stable and comfortable.

The updated Nano UNKNWN has a new silhouette that sits higher around the ankle for better support, and a lift-and-run chassis system that strikes a balance of stability for lifting, and cushioning for running and jumping. It's the same tech employed by the Reebok Nano X3 Adventure we awarded four stars late last year.

The toe box has been updated with a more breathable material to avoid sweaty feet when you pick up the pace, and the midsole is made from the same springy Floatride Energy foam used in most of Reebok's road running shoes.

Reebok Nano UNKNWN shoes

(Image credit: Reebok)

It certainly sounds like a much more practical option for training than the Coach designer high-tops that Lil Nas X chose for the New York Marathon earlier this month. 

The artist completed the race in 2:32:53, but a combination of unsuitable footwear and virtually no training took a toll on his body, leaving him as distressed as his sneakers. After the event he shared a video on his Instagram Stories smiling, but sitting in a wheelchair.

"Well... the race went well," he wrote. "It's giving race!"

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