Lectric's new adventure e-bike is ready for anything – and it's only $1,299

Two people riding Lectric XPeak e-bikes
(Image credit: Lectric)

2023 has been a bumper year for adventure e-bikes – versatile all-terrain machines that can handle a bit of everything, from asphalt to trails. With fatter tires than a typical hybrid and often sporting a step-through frame, they can be your daily commuter Monday to Friday, and handle off-road fun on the weekends.

The latest addition to the pack comes from budget e-bike builder Lectric, best known for the enormously popular XP 3.0, what starts at under $1,000. The new Lectric XPeak is a little pricier, but not much, and packs some impressive components onto its rugged frame.

As Electrek explains, orders for the XPeak will open on November 1 for an early bird price of $1,299 (regular price $1,399), and the bike is due to start shipping in January 2024.

It has 4in fat tires and a RST Renegade front suspension fork to soak up bumps on the trails, plus front and rear hydraulic brakes. It's powered by 750W rear hub motor and 48V, 14Ah battery, which is integrated into the downtube but can be removed for charging. It can be ridden in pedal-assist mode, or using an ergonomically designed thumb-throttle where local laws allow.

A front headlamp and rear brake light are included as standard, and the preorder model also comes with front and rear racks, fenders, and a bike lock.

Cat Ellis

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