Runaway bull charges through resort ramming skiers and snowboarders

Black cow in snowy field
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Skiers and snowboarders had a shock last week when an escaped bull raced down a run at a resort near Sochi, Russia, ramming several people. The incident was captured on camera by one skier who decided the follow the animal as it charged downhill.

The clip, which you can watch below, shows the incident at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort, which hosted freestyle skiing and snowboarding events at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

According to Press21, the animal collided with at least three people, but none were injured and the only damage was a few broken skis and snowboards. It's not clear how the bull got onto the slope, but specialists soon attended the scene to bring him under control.

As OutThere Colorado reports, incidents of animals invading the slopes are rare, but do occasionally happen, and don't always end well. In 2021 a deer died after colliding with a skier at Idaho's Sun Valley Resort, 

If you do spot an animal roaming the runs, contact ski patrol, who will be able to close off areas and call specialists to help prevent injuries to either people or wildlife.

Cat Ellis

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