This bizarre tent lets you camp in mid-air, or float on a pair of paddleboards

Handybro Dookan tent on lake
(Image credit: Handybro)

A New York-based startup has created a peculiar tent that can be pitched on short legs, mounted high in the air, or even lashed to of a pair of paddleboards so you can glide across lakes in the shade.

The Dookan, from Handybro, is described as a 'modular loft tent', and looks like a rooftop tent without the car underneath. It can be set up in various configurations thanks to a sturdy trampoline-like platform, which serves as a footprint and can be fitted with legs of various lengths. The platform appears to have some give, so it should be comfortable for sleeping on, even if you forego your usual sleeping pad.

Attaching the longer legs effectively gives you a two-storey tent, and there are 'skins' available (including waterproof and mesh options) that turn the area underneath into a useful living space. Alternatively, you can hang a couple of hammocks below the tent and relax in the shade (see our roundup of the best hammocks for some options). The top level is accessibly via a ladder included with the rest of the components.

Dookan tent set up on beach

(Image credit: Handybro)

You can also get creative with tarps, creating larger sheltered areas for hanging out after a long day of hiking. You won't be taking the Dookan backpacking, though. Its weight and size mean it's strictly for car camping, with the frame alone tipping the scale at 50lb.

As tech and design site New Atlas explains, the most interesting configuration involves securing the Dookan's base to a pair of paddleboards using a system of locking pulleys, effectively turning it into a raft. You can even set up the tent on top to provide shelter on the water (handy for fishing, perhaps).

Naturally, a system this complex doesn't come cheap. The Dookan has a planned MSRP of $1,697 for the loft frame set and ladder (though Kickstarter backers can save $200 with an early bird discount). A full kit, including two hammocks, will come in at $2,478.

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