This monster e-bike has three wheels, three motors, and an appetite for off-roading

Dolas Defender 250 e-bike parked on grass
(Image credit: Dolas)

Berlin-based bike builder Dolas has rolled out one of the strangest off-roaders we've seen to date, with three wheels, three motors, two seats, and a maximum load capacity of 550lb.

The Dolas Defender 250 is technically a trike, but its three fat tires are arranged in a linear formation, which the company claims will help to absorb bumps while riding on rugged tracks and trails. Each wheel is fitted with its own 250W brushless hub motor, and the three are powered by a huge li-ion battery with a capacity of 2,544Wh for a maximum range of 112 miles.

Naturally real-world performance will depend on the type of terrain you're tackling, your riding style, and how much gear you load onto the frame. It's all controlled via a centrally mounted color cockpit display unit. The bike also has a smart suspension system that monitors road conditions and riding style in real time, and adapts to improve stability and comfort on the fly.

Dolas Defender 250 e-bike on white background

The Dolas Defender 250 has three wheels, each of which has its own brushless motor and hydraulic disc brake (Image credit: Dolas)

As eBikeTips explains, the Defender 250 is fitted with a second seat as standard, and has a maximum load capacity of 550lb including riders and cargo, making it perfect for two-person bikepacking expeditions. If you'd rather travel solo, you can remove the back seat and replace it with a collection of specially designed baskets.

None of this comes cheap, and the bike is available to order now direct from Dolas for €4,650 (about $5,000) plus shipping. At the time of writing Dolas will only deliver to addresses in Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK

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