Two hikers rescued from Mount Baldy as search for actor Julian Sands continues

Mount Baldy, California, USA
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Two hikers have been rescued after falling on Mount Baldy, California, when their climbing equipment failed. However, there is still no sign of actor Julian Sands, who went missing on the mountain on January 13.

Local news site KTLA5 reports that the pair, aged 17 and 29, were hiking the Cucamonga Peak Trail at an altitude of 7,600ft when they slid on the ice. Neither was injured, but due to exhaustion and dangerous conditions, they decided to stay and await rescue rather than try to get back onto the trail.

Conditions on Cucamonga Peak Trail are particularly hazardous at the moment, and visitors have warned of loose snow on top of hard packed ice in recent weeks.

The 29-year-old was able to call 911, and the local sheriff's department dispatched a helicopter to hoist the pair to safety.

"Hikers are encouraged to ensure their equipment is properly fitted and they are properly trained to use it," said the department. "Hikers are also encouraged to always stay on marked and well established paths and trails."

Incoming storms

Many hikers have been saved from Mount Baldy in recent weeks, but rescue crews have still found no sign of Julian Sands, who was reported missing over a month ago.

The search for Sands has been hampered by poor weather conditions, but after weeks of hunting and a false lead where rescuers believed they had found an electrical device. the search has been fruitless.

"With the imminent storm approaching, ground searches for Mr Sands will be delayed for some time," the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department told Fox News Digital this week. "Our goal is to bring closure to the family of Mr Sands and when we can, we will try this again."

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