Utah ski resort honors 54-year-old lift ticket vouchers

Woman passing through turnstile at ski resort
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We all know things were built to last longer in the old days, but who’d have thought a ski lift ticket bought 54 years ago would still be valid today? Even if it didn’t have an expiration date.

"Hey @altaskiarea are these 54 year old gift certificates still good???" asked Ryan Kendrick on a Threads post earlier week accompanying an image of two ancient-looking vouchers. They look more like something you’d expect to find being issued by an austere Victorian bank than something you’d wave at a scanner to gain access to a lift these days. 

But these are what counted for day passes at Alta Ski Area, Utah back in 1970, when they would have cost a mere $7 each for a great day of skiing.

And amazingly, the current team at Alta said, yes, they would still accept them. No expiration date, y’see (we’re not sure if that actually held any weight legally, but it’s definitely a good look for Alta on the socials).

Man skiing in Alta, Utah

Here’s what skiing in Alta looks like – bet you wish you could have access to that for $7 (Image credit: Getty Images / Lee Cohen)

“Seeing as there's no expiration date, we'd be more than happy to honor these with two lift tickets this season,” the restort replied. “Swing by Skier Services with these relics – when an All-Area Day Pass was $7 and Alta was the only ski area in Little Cottonwood Canyon – and we'll gladly get you on the hill. Also, which old ski parka pocket did you find these in and can we borrow it for Closing Weekend?”

For comparison the cheapest adult day pass we could find for Alta today was $164, though it’s free if you’re over 80. Which the original owner of the pass might well be now, in which case $7 isn’t quite such a bargain.

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