Vermont hunter shot by another who mistook him for a bear

Hunter wearing orange-accented jacket, walking with dog
Neither hunter was wearing blaze orange, which is strongly advised (Image credit: Getty)

A man hunting in Vermont was seriously injured when another hunter mistook him for a bear, and shot him. The accident happened on private land, on Saturday September 10.

As NECN reports, the man was said to be walking towards a tree stand when he was shot in the abdomen. A third hunter called 911, and emergency responders took the injured man to University of Vermont Medical Center for treatment.

In a statement, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department noted that neither of the hunters involved was wearing blaze orange (also known as fluorescent or hunter orange), which isn't mandatory in Vermont, but is strongly recommended for visibility.

Some state require hunters to wear particular garments that have a certain area of blaze orange material. This often includes the head, chest, and back. For more details, see blaze orange regulations by state.

"These incidents are highly preventable and highlight the importance of positively identifying your target while hunting," said Game Warden Detective Sergeant Robert Currier.

"The Vermont Warden Service encourages hunters and the general public to wear blaze orange while in the field during Vermont’s hunting seasons."

The department hasn't named any of those involved, but says all the hunters have been identified, and there is no danger to the public.

Cat Ellis

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