Want to hike Angels Landing in 2023? Here's what you need to know

Hikers walk along the narrow fin of Angels Landing in Zion Utah
(Image credit: Jordan Siemens)

The National Park Service has announced that its permit system for hiking Angels Landing will continue in 2023, and published dates when you can apply for permission to hike.

Angels Landing is the most popular and infamous hike in Zion National Park. Its sheer drops have claimed the lives of 14 visitors, but each year hundreds ofd thousands more come to test their nerve against its narrow paths and haul themselves to the top using chains bolted into the rock.

In fact, the route has become so popular that this year Zion introduced a permit system to limit the number of people on the trail at any one time, thereby reducing queues and, hopefully, accidents.

"Issuing permits is something we did after substantial public input, and it has been effective," Zion Superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh told National Parks Traveler. "In 2023, park rangers will continue recording data and enhancing the pilot program to maximize the number of people making the hike while minimizing crowding and congestion on this half-mile, perennially popular trail."

Lottery dates

Permits are assigned via lotteries. There is a seasonal lottery for a visitors who want to plan their trip in advanced, and a daily one for those who have already arrived at the park, and want to try to hike the following day.

You can enter either lottery at Recreation.gov, and dates for the 2023 seasonal lottery are shown in the table below. All lotteries open at 8am MT, and close at 11:59pm MT. If you are successful, you will be assigned a start time for your hike, when you'll need to be ready to leave from the Grotto Trailhead.

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Date of hikeLottery opensLottery closesPermits issued
March 1 - May 31January 1January 20January 25
June 1 - August 31April 1April 20April 25
September 1 - November 30July 1July 20July 25
December 1 - February 29October 1October 20October 25
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