Would you sleep in a tent suspended hundreds of feet over a canyon?

Floating Retreat concept art showing tent-shaped pods suspended between two mountains
(Image credit: Ardh Architects)

A firm of architects has designed a project that would let campers spend the night in a tent-shaped pod hanging from cords hundreds of feet in the air, suspended from a bridge spanning the gap between two mountains.

Sky camping made headlines last year after photos began to circulate on social media showing people apparently bedding down for a perilous night in hammocks strung across vast canyons. The phenomenon turned out to be fake, and the people photographed were actually taking a break while highlining (walking a slackline at extreme altitudes). However, if Ardh Architects has its way, it could soon become a real option for luxury glamping expeditions.

As Architectural Digest explains, the Floating Retreat concept from the Dubai designers is made up of individual tents hanging from a main bridge, and is being proposed within the mountains of Sharjah (the third largest city in the UAE).

No mountaineering experience would be necessary for campers, who would enter their tent at ground level, then be raised into the sky using an elevator-like system. Each tent would hold two people, who would be able to adjust the altitude to suit their preferences and to provide privacy. Toilet and washing facilities would be provided on the platform supporting the tents (so there'd be no need to poop like a rock climber).

It's certainly an interesting idea, though it comes with its own unique safety and security issues. Ardh says it would have hotel staff and engineers on site at all times, and if a tent were to become stuck, it could be swung to the side of the mountain so its occupants could evacuate. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to pack your best hiking boots just in case.

Cat Ellis

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