Yeti coolers are sold out this Amazon Prime Day, but don't panic

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If you were hoping to snag a cheap Yeti cooler on Amazon Prime Day, then I'm afraid there's some bad news: they're all sold out. Don't worry, though – there are still lots of coolers available from Yeti's main rival, Igloo, which will keep your drinks and food cold and fresh even in the summer heat.

Not sure which brand is best for you? Our guide Yeti vs Igloo should help clear things up. Ultimately, both are great choices. Igloo coolers tend not to be quite as rugged as Yeti's designs, but are generally more affordable, even before Prime Day discounts come into play.

Here I've hand-picked a selection of the best Igloo cooler deals for you, or you can check out all the offers yourself at Amazon. See an Igloo cooler you like? Better act fast. I've already seen a couple go out of stock since Prime Day started yesterday, and others may follow suit.

Yeti Prime Day deals: 30% off a wide range of insulated cups, bottles, and more
Igloo Prime Day deals: up to 50% off coolers in sizes up to 120qt
All Prime Day cooler deals: camping and fishing coolers from under $20

Igloo BMX 72qt Cooler: $169.99

Igloo BMX 72qt Cooler: $169.99 $118.99 at Amazon
Save $51 This huge cooler hasn't been this cheap since 2020, so this is a Prime Day deal well worth checking out. It's a super rugged cooler that's easy for two people to carry and lift into a vehicle, with rubberized corners and four lockdown points. There's even a handy fish ruler on the top so you can measure your catch.

Igloo BMX 52qt Cooler: $129.99

Igloo BMX 52qt Cooler: $129.99 $90.99 at Amazon
Save $39 This cooler has rarely dropped below $100 for the last few years, so this is a great Prime Day deal. Its Cool Riser tech (note the feet) keeps your food and drink off the ground, helping it stay cooler for longer.

Igloo BMX 25qt Cooler: $99.99

Igloo BMX 25qt Cooler: $99.99 $69.99 at Amazon
Save $30 A great option for day trips, this tough cooler is portable enough for you to carry alone thanks to its lightweight construction and comfortable handle. This Prime Day deal brings it down to its lowest price this year.

Igloo Thermoelectric 28-40qt Cooler: $149.99

Igloo Thermoelectric 28-40qt Cooler: $149.99 $119.99 at Amazon
Save $30 There's 20% off this smart electric cooler for Amazon Prime Day. Basically a portable fridge, it plugs into your car's cigarette lighter to keep cool without ice, meaning there's more room for food and drinks inside. 

If you were looking for an insulated bottle rather than a cooler, then you're in luck. There are still lots of great Prime Day offers on Yeti drinkware, from jugs to wine tumblers. Here's a selection of today's best deals, or you can check out the full range yourself. Some of these are likely to sell out today, so don't wait around if there's something you like!

Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug: $100

Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug: $100 $70 at Amazon
Save $30
This is a record low price for this great insulated jug, which is perfect for family camping trips and picnics. It can even be mounted in the bed of your truck or ATV.

Yeti Rambler 46oz Bottle: $55

Yeti Rambler 46oz Bottle: $55 $38.50 at Amazon
Save $16.50 This is Yeti's biggest Rambler bottle, and is just begging to be filled with icy lemonade or hot coffee for you next trip. The chug cap makes it extra easy to drink from, which is great when you need to slake a serious thirst.

Yeti Rambler 26ox Straw Cup: $35

Yeti Rambler 26ox Straw Cup: $35 $24.50 at Amazon
Save $10.50 I have one of these cups myself, and it's perfect for keeping your drink icy cold outdoors in the summer. The straw fits neatly through the lid, so there's as much insulation as possible to keep your beverage chilled. Just imagine it full of iced tea...

Yeti Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler: $25

Yeti Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler: $25 $17.50 at Amazon
Save $7.50 This stylish tumbler includes an insulated lid to keep your white or rosé nicely chilled even on warm evenings, while also preventing spills. Yet another record low price for Prime Day.

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