Yosemite National Park still closed in March after record snowfall

Snowfall at the Merced River, Yosemite National Park
(Image credit: Getty)

Yosemite National Park is still closed until further notice due to record-breaking snowfall that has made trails and roads impassable. Officials decided to close the park last weekend due to heavy winter storms, but had originally hoped it might be able to reopen at the start of March. That date has been pushed back for the foreseeable future as snow continues to fall.

The New York Times reports that the floor of Yosemite Valley recorded 40in of snow on Tuesday, beating the previous record of 36 inches recorded in 1968.

"Yosemite National Park has experienced significant snowfall in all areas of the park, resulting in snow levels of up to 15 feet in some areas and the park’s closure on Saturday, Feb 25," said officials in a Facebook post.

"Park crews are working to restore critical services so visitors can safely return. There is no estimated date for reopening. The public is asked to check the park’s website and social media channels for the latest conditions."

Photos shared on Twitter show doorways almost completely blocked by snow, which has reached the upper windows of some buildings. The live cam from the Badger Ski Pass area shows chair lifts completely buried. 

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If you have a trip to Yosemite planned, keep an eye on the park's website, plus Twitter and Facebook accounts for the latest updates.

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