Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller review: a premium buggy for runs with the little one

We take to the tarmac and trails with Baby Jogger’s Summit X3 Jogging Stroller to see how it measures up against the competition

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Running Stroller
(Image: © Alex Foxfield)

Advnture Verdict

A really smooth and impressive running stroller that comes at quite a steep price. It’s a good investment if you plan to use it regularly for both running and walking with your little one, while optional add ons like the bassinet and the car seat clips can add versatility. As good as it is, if you’re just after something to run with occasionally and you’ve already got your walking stroller needs covered, there are other running strollers that represent better value.


  • +

    Gloriously smooth ride on various terrains

  • +

    Plenty of storage

  • +

    Looks the business

  • +

    Hand operated brake

  • +

    Neat folding mechanism

  • +

    Compatible with Baby Jogger bassinet and car seat


  • -

    Heavy compared to most

  • -

    Upper end of the price range

  • -

    Waterproof Weathershield sold separately

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As an extremely active, outdoorsy person who’s had much of his free time curtailed by the arrival of a little bundle of joy in the middle of 2022, it’s been harder to escape onto the trails for quite as long as I used to over the last couple of years. Balancing the demands of being a good Dad, doing enough work to keep us solvent, spending at least some quality time with my wife and the need to occasionally flee to the mountains has meant that running time has suffered.

So, a running stroller is a win-win, simultaneously solving the issues of minding said child while also spending time outdoors and getting some exercise into the bargain. I was delighted to test the Baby Jogger Summit X3 through the latter half of 2023, enjoying many runs with my daughter in tow.

Meet the reviewer

Kit I couldn't live without: Ibex pant wearing Alex in Scotland
Alex Foxfield

Alex is an avid runner who swapped his road running shoes for trail running shoes as his love of the mountains and the wild places took hold over 10 years ago. These days, he unwinds by taking to the local trails and has enjoyed having a new mini running buddy join him recently.

First impressions


RRP: $549.99 (US) / £529.00 (UK)
Weight: 12.8kg / 28.2lb
Folded size: 86.5cm x 66.5cm x 35cm / 34in x 26in x 14in
Minimum age: Strolling from 6 months and jogging from 9 months
Maximum weight: 34kg / 75lb
Colors: Midnight Black, City Royalty, Black (available in the US)
Newborn crib or car seat attachment possible: Yes
Double version available: Yes

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is at the pricier end of the running stroller spectrum, up there with the excellent Thule Glide 2, which another of our running experts, Claire Maxted, described as the Ferrari of the running stroller world. Well, if the Glide 2 is the Ferrari, then the Summit X3 is the Range Rover – a heavier, meatier beast that excels in off road situations.

Once properly pieced together, it certainly looks the part. My Midnight Black version appeared sleek and premium, with its air-filled rubber tyres (two large at the back and one small at the front) and impressive sun canopy. Meanwhile, it was a case of love at first push, the first time I released the foot brake and took it for its first smooth stroll.


Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller: stroller close up

The Range Rover of the running stroller world (Image credit: Alex Foxfield)

One of the key features of the Summit X3 is its competence on different terrain types, which is important to me, as I prefer trails over roads. Its all-wheel suspension takes the bite out of rugged ground and absolutely makes it glide across tarmac.

It’s suited to both brisk jogging and walking. The front wheel can be locked into place for faster outings, or you can release it so that its free to swivel for slower walks. Whatever the speed, your little one will be comfortable in the nicely padded seat and secured by the 5-point attachment harness, which can be adjusted depending on the height of the child.

Speaking of speed, the handlebar comes with a wrist leash, so you don’t have to worry about your cherub speeding off like a runaway train. There’s also a bicycle style brake to slow things down when careering downhill. A foot brake allows you lock the back wheels when the stroller is stationary and is super simple to operate.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller: view from above

The runner's POV, with the brake lever on the handlebar and the mesh window in the sun canopy on full display (Image credit: Alex Foxfield)

There’s plenty of adjustability. The recline of the main seat can be tailored via a fabric tightening system at the back of the seat. On sunny days, you can deploy the UV50+ rated sun canopy, which comes with Velcro panels that reveal mesh “peek-a-boo” windows, so you can still keep an eye on the precious cargo. When not required, the sunshield concertinas away.

Storage wise, there’s a sizable basket attached to the bottom of the frame and a mesh pouch on the back of the seat, great for stashing a running jacket or similar. However, there’s no zippered compartment for items you’d want to keep extra secure.

When it comes to storing the stroller itself, it ingeniously folds up by pulling on the fabric handle on the seat. When compacted, a Velcro storage strap holds everything together. It’s the kind of clever design that I could imagine Q showcasing to James Bond – it would undoubtedly leave him stirred, as opposed to shaken.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

The foot brake locks the back wheels for when you leave the stroller stationary (Image credit: Alex Foxfield)

The Summit X3 is rated as suitable for walking once baby is 6 months old and then jogging from when he/she’s 9 months old. You should be able to get plenty of use out of it, as the weight limit is up to 34kg, which is way more than your average 5-year-old!

There are plenty of additional products that you can purchase to enhance the versatility of the Summit X3. Firstly, if you’re wanting something for the rain, a Weathershield rain cover is sold separately. As well as this, the frame is also compatible with Baby Jogger’s Deluxe Bassinet and you can also get the City Mini Zip seat adapter, which makes it compatible with most Cybex, Nuna, Maxi-Cosi and Besafe car seats. Given it's price point, I'd recommend getting the Summit X3 early in your child's life and investing in these add ons, to get the maximum amount of use out of it.

On the tarmac and trails

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

I regularly took the Summit X3 onto the trails in my local park (Image credit: Alex Foxfield)

I took my little cherub out on the city sidewalks and onto the rough gravel paths that explore the wooded gorge in my local park, which is, incidentally, one of my favourite runs. As you’d expect for such a premium stroller, it’s a smooth maneuverer, effortlessly gliding along tarmac. It’s the best stroller I’ve had the pleasure to mooch around town with. 

However, its pièce de résistance is its capability on the rougher stuff, when its all-wheel suspension really comes into its own. Bounding along uneven gravel trails was not a problem and was much more comfortable than I’d have expected. For her lack of protest, I know my little one didn’t seem to mind the shift from smooth asphalt to the stonier terrain.

The main handlebar is at a good height and its textured finish makes it easy and comfortable to grip. For those faster downhill sections, it was reassuring to have the handbrake, while the leash provided peace of mind. If I was being really picky, I’d want something a little more padded and ergonomic than the simple fabric loop on offer here.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller

The front wheels can be locked in place for faster outings or left to swivel for walks (Image credit: Alex Foxfield)

The 5-point harness is secure, as well as easy to fit around the child and adjust to tighten or loosen. I liked the inclusion of mesh panels in the sunshade, which gave additional ventilation and allowed me to keep an eye on my little passenger.

Finally, it’s one-hand compact fold is a superb innovation, allowing for speedy insertion into a car or into storage. Once folded down, it’s secured using a Velcro storage strap. An even better if would be if there was some kind of clip that would hold it all once in the folding position, but again I’m nit-picking.

It’s still pretty large and heavy when folded down though, so it’s not quite as transportable as a smarTrike (not that you can run with a smarTrike) or similar if you’re filling up the car for a trip away or hopping on a train. With this in mind, the Summit X3 is definitely something that’ll see plenty of use close to home, but perhaps not for longer journeys – unless you’ve got gargantuan boot space.

Alex Foxfield

Alex is a freelance adventure writer and mountain leader with an insatiable passion for the mountains. A Cumbrian born and bred, his native English Lake District has a special place in his heart, though he is at least equally happy in North Wales, the Scottish Highlands or the European Alps. Through his hiking, mountaineering, climbing and trail running adventures, Alex aims to inspire others to get outdoors. He's the former President of the London Mountaineering Club, is training to become a winter mountain leader, looking to finally finish bagging all the Wainwright fells of the Lake District and is always keen to head to the 4,000-meter peaks of the Alps.