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Cybex Avi running stroller review: in good conditions the Avi is a pleasure to run with, but deep mud is its nemesis

A fast, light running stroller, the Cybex Avi is great for smooth trails and bumpy tracks

Cybex Avi
(Image: © Claire Mexted)

Our Verdict

Fast, light and breathable, best for smooth trails and roads in warm, dry places rather than all season, all-weather use.


  • Light
  • Breathable mesh
  • Easy to assemble/pack away
  • Reflective details
  • Multiple handlebar height options including very tall
  • Handlebar brake
  • Easy clip five-point harness
  • Backrest at any angle
  • Good carrying capacity
  • Useful elastic underside pocket


  • Too long for small shops
  • Backrest difficult to adjust with child inside
  • Rain cover not included as standard and has some gaps
  • Wheels slimmer and not as grippy as others
  • No bumper bar
  • Handlebar brake does not bring buggy to a complete stop

Cybex Avi running stroller: first impressions

The Cybex Avi was one of the lightest strollers we tested for our best running stroller buying guide. Weighing in at 10.6kg, it was a real treat to take out for a run. The low weight combined with the long, curved handlebar that you can secure at any height mean you don’t feel too encumbered when you’re pushing your little one along at speed, making the whole experience very enjoyable. 

It glides effortlessly over pavements, cobbles, smooth trails, grass and rougher tracks, but the slimmer wheels with hardly any grip aren’t the best for the muddiest, rockiest of trails. It’s more for the manicured, gritty paths of parks and canals than singletrack through woods unless the weather’s dry. 

Cybex Avi

The low weight, adjustable handlebars and easy-to-steer fixed wheel means you glide through your rides… as long as the route’s not super muddy (Image credit: Claire Maxted)

The fixed wheel is easy to steer with a slight push down on the handle bars to lift it, but this buggy is very long. For pure running this is great, but although there is great capacity for groceries underneath you’d want to swap to a more compact buggy for town trips.

Your child is very comfy inside, especially in summer with the mesh sides and extensive sunshade. The five-point harness is easy to clip in place and adjust, and the backrest adjusts to any angle including flat. The only downside is that it’s tricky getting the backrest up again with the weight of the child lying on it.


RRP: $580 (US) / £480 (UK)
• Weight: 10.6kg / 23.4lb
• Folded size: 35in x 23in x 10in / 89cm x 58.5cm x 25cm
• Minimum age: Six months
• Maximum weight: 22kg / 48.5lb
• Colors: Pink / Blue / Black / White / Gray
• Newborn crib or car seat attachment possible? Yes
• Double version available? No 

Cybex Avi running stroller: on the trails

Cybex Avi

On hot days the side and sunshade mesh are great for keeping your baby cool, but this means the pram’s not so great for all seasons and weathers (Image credit: Cybex)

The Cybex Avi is an absolute lightweight dream. The suspension is comfy and the long, curved handlebar makes it one of the easiest to steer. 

The brake works well, but I couldn’t help thinking it would be handy to be able to order the stroller with a “left-hand brake” or “right-hand brake” specification, so you could have a choice as to which side of the handlebar you preferred it on. 

It was super easy to push the Cybex Avi along roads, pavements and smooth gritty hard-packed trails, and when conditions are dry it performs really well on grass and mud too. If the conditions are really wet, soggy and slippery the smooth, slim tires aren’t wide or knobbly enough for running in mud. So yes, on trails this pram can perform excellently but not necessarily in all weathers and seasons. 

We also noticed that on hot days the side and sunshade mesh is an excellent feature for keeping your baby cool, but again this means the pram is not so great for all seasons and weathers – you’d need to wrap your baby in more layers to keep them warm in for winter running. However, in a warm, dry location, this pram would be absolutely fantastic all year round. 

The co-founder and former editor of Trail Running magazine, Claire now runs the YouTube channel Wild Ginger Running, creating films packed with trail- and ultra-running content. An award-winning journalist, writing for outdoor and adventure sports magazines and websites, her first book The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running 5k to 50k is out in January 2021. Claire also speaks and presents at events and races.