Gym+Coffee All-In 3.0 Full Length Legging review: soft, supportive pants for mild weather hiking and trail running

These comfortable, versatile leggings provide ample support for walking or running uphill and loads of stretch for recovering afterwards on your yoga mat

Gym+Coffee leggings
(Image: © Gym+Coffee)

Advnture Verdict

If you like hiking or trail running in leggings, you’ll love these pants for their supportive, buttery-soft fabric, flattering design and plethora of pockets


  • +

    Supportive fabric and design

  • +

    Extra soft and stretchy

  • +

    Breathable and designed for sweat management

  • +

    Provide more wind protection that your average legging

  • +

    Two thigh pockets plus hidden waistband pocket


  • -

    Not waterproof

  • -

    Not windproof

  • -

    Not insulated

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Gym+Coffee All-In 3.0 Full Length Legging: first impressions 

These leggings look a lot like lots of other popular brands of yoga pants right now, but due to their supportive fabric and plethora of pockets, they serve well as both some of the best hiking pants for milder conditions and running tights and they come in at about half the price of similar leggings.

Gym+Coffee definitely caters more to the indoor workout crowd with really stylish gear that focuses a bit less on weather protection. These pants are made using thicker, supportive fabric that’s also very stretchy – basically, they’re designed to be “squat proof” and on the hill, that translates into decent wind protection and all the freedom you need to climb up steep slopes, culminating in a pretty versatile pair of pants. 

Whether you’re hiking or running in them, the ultra soft fabric wicks away sweat nicely and while you’ll probably want to wash them more than your regular hiking pants owing to how tight they are, they don’t get stinky easily. 

The high waist and double curve backseam makes for a comfortable and flattering fit, while two thigh pockets plus a hidden waistband pocket offer decent storage and are surprisingly functional.

Obviously, these don’t come with the water and windproofing or insulation of regular hiking pants, but they do provide all the support you need for mild days and if you like hiking in leggings you’ll be extremely pleased with this pair, particularly in comparison with a lot of other hiking leggings on the market right now.


• RRP: $91 (US) / £65 (UK)
• Sizes available: XS - XL
• Gender specification: Women’s  
• Materials: Nylon (75%), Lycra (25%)
• Colors: Black, Burnt Umber, Sangria, Petrol Blue
• Best use: Hiking, trail running, rock climbing 

Gym+Coffee All-In 3.0 Full Length Legging: on the trails 

Gym+Coffee leggings

If you like hiking in leggings you’ll be extremely pleased with this pair, particularly in comparison with a lot of other hiking leggings on the market right now (Image credit: Gym+Coffee)

There are lots of good arguments for hiking in leggings: they’re comfortable, stretchy, breathable and lightweight for starters, plus you probably already own a pair so that’s a cost-saving bonus. That said, not all leggings are created equal and the Gym+Coffee All-In leggings are definite front runners for hiking pants.

As a long-time yoga teacher, I’ve easily spent as much time in leggings as I have on the mountain, but rarely do I actually let my yoga wear crossover to my hikes. My stretchy pants are reserved for the mat and trail running, while I tend to opt for pants with a bit more room and weather protection for hiking. However, I’ve been wearing these for yoga, running and hiking for the past couple of months and I can say that they have a bit of a chameleon-like performance across the board which I’m really impressed with.

These pants are definitely designed for looking good, with a flattering high waist and double curve backseam style that’s become popular in yoga pants over the past few years. Though they’re not the first pair of leggings I’ve owned that look like this, I daresay they’re the first that perform like this. I tend to find that similar pants are too compressive, sometimes to the point of giving me abdominal pain. These manage to feel really supportive without causing discomfort. They’re also very soft and stretchy without being thin or flimsy, and the result is that I’ve noticed they offer decent protection against a chilly wind on a hike.

I don’t tend to use my pants pockets much for hiking or trail running, but for the sake of being thorough I have tried running with my phone and keys in the thigh pockets and was impressed that they stayed put and didn't feel annoying at all.

One aspect of leggings I dislike is that they’re often prone to pilling around the crotch, but the smooth fabric of these seems to be immune to that type of wear and tear. Of course, these aren’t technical trousers with extreme durability and weatherproofing but if you like hiking and running in leggings, these are easily the best pair I’ve found so far. After a few months, lots of wear and a few washes, they still look and fit like new, too. 

If you’re looking for a versatile legging that’s sturdy enough for hiking as well as yoga, I think you’ll be really pleased with these pants.

Here’s how they performed:


True to size.  


Skin tight, full length with a flattering high waist and double curve backseam. 


Super comfortable thanks to buttery soft fabric, loads of stretch and no annoying seams to rub. 

Temperature regulation 

These aren’t insulated, but the sturdy fabric does provide some wind protection, and you won’t overheat on warm days. 


Designed for working out in, these pants are highly breathable. 


In terms of quality, they’re looking new after several months of wear and washing and there’s no pilling in the crotch, which can be one of the most annoying things about leggings. They wouldn’t be my top choice for scrambling over abrasive surfaces, but if you’re just wearing them for regular hiking and running they should hold up better than most leggings. 

Here’s where we tested the Gym+Coffee All-In 3.0 Full Length Leggings: 

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