MSR Evo Trail snowshoes review: change their size to suit the conditions

A do-it-all snowshoe, the MSR Evo Trail has adjustable floatation

MSR Evo Trail snowshoes resting against tree trunk in snow
(Image: © Berne Broudy)

Advnture Verdict

A versatile snowshoe that can do most things, the MSR Evo Trail is easy to use, highly adaptable and works with a wide range of boots.


  • +

    Ultra-comfortable binding

  • +

    Optional tails for extra float


  • -

    No heel lifter

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MSR Evo Trail: first impressions

The adaptable and rugged MSR Evo Trail snowshoes have a steel body hidden under polypropylene decking, with in-molded traction bars, steel rails and a steel claw for excellent grip on a variety of surfaces.


• List price: $150 (US) / £200 (UK)
• Dimensions: 20cm x 56cm / 8in x 22in
• Weight: 1.64kg / 3 lb 10 oz
• Frame Material: Martensitic steel
• Deck Material: Polypropylene
• Traction: Steel crampons and traction rails 

The shoes use a pull-to-tighten/pull-to-release binding, with a stretch mesh toe to keep your feet free of pressure points, and is compatible with nearly any footwear you’d want to wear for snowshoeing. The free-pivoting binding has a stiff underfoot plate that we found to be supportive and efficient. Slide your boot into the binding and low-profile plastic spikes to grip the sole and hold it firmly in place. 

MSR Evo Trail: in the snow

MSR Evo Trail snowshoes on white background

The MSR Evos pack reasonably flat for descents (Image credit: MSR)

One of the MSR Evo Trail’s most distinguishing features is that the shoe can be made larger for better float by adding modular tails that increase their surface area. Use the tail extenders when you’re carrying a heavy hiking backpack, then take the tails off again for quick day trips when your load is light.

MSR Evo Trail showshoe in profile view attached to boot, on white background

You can easily adjust the bindings even when you’re wearing gloves (Image credit: MSR)

I loved the MSR Evos for their simplicity, durability and ease of use. I never had to take my gloves off to fine-tune the binding straps. These shoes, which don’t have a heel lifter, excelled in moderate terrain. When it was uneven, they flexed enough to grip all surfaces.

I wore MSR's Evos with lightly insulated winter boots and with -40°F rated Muck Boots. They fit seamlessly with both and the bindings are also snowboard boot-compatible. The MSR Evos pack reasonably flat for descents.

Berne Broudy

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