Snugpak Paratex Liner review: multitasks as a bivy sack or even a lightweight sleeping bag

The Snugpak Paratex Liner also works well as a standalone bag for summer hammock camping

Snugpak Paratex Liner
(Image: © Snugpak)

Advnture Verdict

Protect your favorite sleeping bag with Snugpak’s Paratex design, which we reckon doubles up nicely as a solo summer sleeping bag or even as a makeshift bivy bag.


  • +

    Winter-capable warmth

  • +

    Quick drying

  • +

    Soft and comfy


  • -


  • -

    Not recycled

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Snugpak Paratex Liner: first impressions

The Snugpak Paratex Liner isn’t about so much about extra warmth primarily, as extra protection. If you’ve got a great three or four-season sleeping bag that keeps you cosy at most temperatures, your priority when adding a sleeping bag liner is likely to be more about keeping that bag in great condition rather than making your sleep system even toastier.

Snugpak’s Paratex liner is all about protection – it’s designed to wick moisture away from the body, keeping you dry without affecting your bag’s lining, and is also easy to wash and dry on the go. 

But how did it fare under test conditions for our best sleeping bag liner buying guide? Read on…


• RRP: $39 (US) / £32 (UK)
• Weight: 200g / 7oz
• Pack size: 15cm x 9cm / 6in x 3.5in
• Material: Paratex
• Shape: Rectangular
• Color: Olive / Black / Desert Tan
• Compatibility: Protect your sleeping bag in winter, or use it alone in summer

Snugpak Paratex Liner: in the field

We found this liner doubled up nicely as a standalone, lightweight sleeping bag. The outer material is water-resistant and windproof, so it’s ideal for warm summer nights when you’re in a smaller tent or a camping hammock and you don’t need much warmth but could do with some protection just in case the weather does take a turn while you’re asleep. 

This liner will even work as a bivy sack if needed, as it repels light rain and moisture. We did notice we tended to slip and slide a bit in this silky-feeling liner – if this bothers you, pick a fleece or cotton liner instead. 

Three colors are available, all of which hide dirt well and are a good choice for rough and muddy camps.

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