What are the best dogs for runners?

best dogs for runners
A Labrador retriever is regarded as one fo the best dogs for runners (Image credit: Getty)

A running companion that shows the unconditional love and loyalty of a dog is very hard to beat. If you have owned a dog and run with a dog, you’ll know just how wonderful it can be. Then again, running with a dog can have its trials as well, especially if you have not carefully considered the best dogs for runners.

It is also important to build up your dog’s training before expecting they will run as far or fast as you. Just like we need to follow a trail running programme so as to avoid injury and to gradually and carefully improve fitness, so your pet requires the same focus.

Young dogs should not be pushed to run too far when they still growing. Once they are fully grown and fit, they can be fantastic running friends and will often motivate owners to run more regularly and further.

10 of the best dogs for runners

There are many different dogs that make great running companions. We have picked 10 of the best tried-and-tested breeds for runners. 


best dogs for runners

Weimaraners are great dogs for runners  (Image credit: Getty)

These medium-sized dogs have a muscled build, which that means they are usually energetic and a great companion for runners. 

Because this breed needs lots of exercise, they will suit an owner who is a regular runner. They are loyal dogs and can be trained to run next to their owner, which makes them a good choice if you hope to be able to run with your dog off a lead.

Weimaraners are generally as happy on faster, shorter runs as they are on longer, steady runs, especially when it is trail routes. This breed of dog is popular among canicross runners and competitors, too. 


best dogs for runners

Vizslas have tons of energy (Image credit: Getty)

Vizslas are well known for having bags of energy and they enjoy all types of running. They have a long gait, which means they can bound along easily and comfortably with their runner owner.

This breed is happiest running on trails and will enjoy longer, steadier runs, as well as some faster running. When they are in their prime, Vizslas rarely seem to be tired out. 

German shorthaired pointers

best dogs for runners

Choose a German shorthaired pointer for running (Image credit: Getty)

German shorthaired pointers were bred as hunting dogs and this means that are usually smart and easy to train. They have lots of energy and will happily run with you whatever outing you choose, from shorter and faster to longer and steadier routes.

Pointers are capable of building up to longer trail runs thanks to great stamina. This breed of dog is also popular among canicross runners.

Border collies 

best dogs for runners

Bred as a working dog, Border collies make wonderful running companions  (Image credit: Getty)

Another great dog for longer trail runs and also for canicross is a Border collie. They are bred as working dogs and like to be busy and active.

In fact, collies need plenty of exercise to burn off energy, otherwise they can become troublesome in the home if they become bored and restless.

Collies are good natured, intelligent and obedient. It is vital that a collie is well trained as a puppy and they can then be trusted off lead while you run.

Jack Russell terriers

best dogs for runners

Jack Russells are small dogs but brilliantly capable of running  (Image credit: Getty)

Despite being small of stature, this breed is a good running dog. They need to be exercised and once they are over a year old, they will happily accompany you on all types of runs.

Jack Russells do have a high prey instinct so you should spend time and focus on training. Many runners like to have their dogs off the lead when out on the trails but you need to be sure that your Jack Russell will listen to your commands to avoid chasing livestock.

English setters

best dogs for runners

Many people enjoy running with English setters (Image credit: Getty)

The English setter is a perfect breed if you enjoy regular runs but you are not a runner who goes long distances. This is a fairly active breed that will enjoy faster, shorter runs. 

English setters need to be trained well from a young age so that they stay by your side as you run and have good recall.


best dogs for runners

Whippets love to run, short and fast or further, too (Image credit: Getty)

Whippets are wonderfully versatile. Many people believe that whippets require a lot of walking or running but they are generally very happy with short bursts of action, so long as it is off the lead. 

A whippet is great for runners who like shorter and faster laps, yet they will also loyally run with you in the hills and over longer distances.

Whippets are a cross of greyhounds and terriers, which means they are prey driven, so you need to be cautious with this dog around livestock. 

Whippets are loyal to an owner and can be trained to have good command range and recall but even then they will chase furry animals given half a chance!

Whippets do get cold easily so you should have a jacket for them in colder seasons.

Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers

best dogs for runners

Golden retrievers are loyal, good natured and ideal for runner owners (Image credit: Getty)

Golden and Labrador retrievers are different breeds but thy have similar characteristics. They are happy on faster, shorter runs and well as longer, slower runs so they suit different types of runner owners.

Retrievers are generally easy to train and very loyal so they make a great running companion whatever your own aspirations. 

Siberian huskies

best dogs for runners

If you love endurance running, choose a Siberian husky (Image credit: Getty)

Huskies have been bred to be sled dogs, so they are natural runners and can run and run far further than you ever will.

In fact, huskies need to be exercised for hours each day otherwise they will have too much spare energy, which is never good in the home.

They are brilliant dogs for winter running and especially in the mountains because they have a good furry coat. 

Alaskan malamute 

best dogs for runners

Alaskan malamute require lots of running  (Image credit: Getty)

Like huskies, Alaskan malamute have superb endurance and make excellent long distance runners. They also have a good power and turn of speed and they are a popular breed for canicross runners.

They are loyal and clever dogs, too, but owners do need to give the malamute lots of regular exercise.

German shepherd dog

best dogs for runners

German shepherd dogs are a great choice for runners (Image credit: Getty)

German shepherd dogs are fantastic running dogs, especially if your type of running is in the hills and mountains. This breed is built for strength and durability.

Most German shepherd dogs are eager to learn and can be trained to become a loyal running companion.

Remember that while these dogs are some of the best for runners, they also need to rest and recover just the same as their owner. 

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