Amazfit launches Cheetah and Cheetah Pro running watches with AI coaching

Amazfit Cheetah Pro running watch
(Image credit: Zepp)

Amazfit has launched two new lightweight GPS watches: the Cheetah and Cheetah Pro. While most Amazfit watches (like the rugged T-Rex Ultra) are designed for multiple sports, the Cheetah series is made specifically for running.

Amazfit's parent company Zepp has improved its dual-band GPS antenna for more accurate location tracking, and the company claims that it's now 99.5% as accurate as a professional gold-standard GPS locator. This new location tracking tech (known as MaxTrack) helps minimize interference from obstacles like tall buildings, tree cover, and cloudy skies.

When you want to explore somewhere new, you can use the Zepp app (available for iOS and Android) to import GPX route files, and download color offline maps for navigation from your wrist.

Amazfit Cheetah and Amazfit Cheetah Pro watches

The Amazfit Cheetah and Cheetah Pro are available to buy now (Image credit: Zepp)

Zepp has also given its adaptive AI coaching tool an upgrade. Zepp Coach creates custom training plans to help you achieve your goals, and Cheetah owners in selected countries can test the new Zepp Coach AI Chat feature for free before it becomes a subscription service. The new chatbot tool lets you ask sports-related questions in natural language, and provides easy to understand answers.

Both watches are operated using a digital crown with a smooth scrolling action, a single physical button, and an AMOLED touchscreen. Both have a fiber-reinforced polymer case, and the Cheetah Pro is fitted with a lightweight titanium alloy bezel.

Both watches are currently available direct from Amazfit, from Amazon, and from AliExpress. The Cheetah starts at $229.99, while the Cheetah Pro starts at $299.99. If you're not into the round look, a square version of the Cheetah is coming soon.

Review coming soon...

I'm currently testing the Amazfit Cheetah Pro and will bring you a full review very soon, but first impressions are very positive. As I've come to expect from Amazfit watches, the OLED display is stunning and super responsive to the touch.

It's super light and comfortable to wear, too. I'm always a fan of a woven strap, which weighs less and allows your skin to breathe better than silicone. The matt-look titanium alloy bezel is a nice touch as well, giving it a smarter look that belies its mid-range price tag.

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