Arc’teryx Equipment launches Outer Peace project

Arc'teryx launches Outer Peace project
Outdoor brand Arc'teryx has launched an Outer Peace project. (Image credit: Arc'teryx)

Arc’teryx Equipment has launched an initiative that aims to “better the human experience by connecting people to the transformative power of nature”.

The Arc’teryx Outer Peace project is supported by a commitment of CAD$1 million (more than half a million British pounds) to partners that pledge to work to remove barriers and protect nature.

George Weetman, Vice President of Brand and Digital Commerce at Arc’teryx, said: “The challenges of 2020 brought to light the importance of physical and mental wellness – and we were inspired to launch Outer Peace by asking ‘What does the world need and what can we do to help?’ 

“Nature calms us, connects us and heals us, and we recognised this has been central to what drives our obsessive spirit of design.

“Spending time in nature is at the core of who we are and we are here to inspire others to open their doors and step outside so they can find peace – even in the harshest of weather.” 

In collaboration with scientific, design, and sports communities and over the next five years, Outer Peace will encourage discussion and action for more people to be able to spend time amid nature. 

Part of the project this year will be centred on outdoor accessibility and nature conservancy. The brand, based in British Columbia, will do this by supporting partners worldwide, who are working to address structural inequalities and barriers to the outdoors. 

There are many benefits for people who connect with nature

Outer peace recognises that there are many benefits for people who connect with nature (Image credit: Getty Images)

Outer Peace connects with Venture Trust 

In Scotland, Venture Trust (UK), is  an organisation that has been given an Outer Peace grant by Arc’teryx.

The trust believes no one should be left behind because they are struggling with adversity, inequality or vulnerability. 

The group supports people to gain the life skills, stability and confidence needed to reach their potential, through intensive personal development in Scotland’s communities and outdoors. 

The grant will be invested in helping more people connect to – and benefit from –Scotland’s natural environments. In 2021/22 it will help Venture Trust support 120 disadvantaged young people through an Outdoor Therapy counselling service. Additionally, 300 young people and adults will benefit from enhanced outdoor work throughout their core programmes nationally. 

Weetman added: “Research across different fields has explored the positive connections between nature and humans. The findings are consistent, that nature is transformative.

“As a brand, our purpose is to connect people with nature and design, and to help them discover that the path to a better world and a better self begins outside. We believe the outdoors is for everyone, and with our Outer Peace program, we will bring forward initiatives that generate awareness and create opportunities for time well spent in nature, wherever it can be found.”

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