These denim running shorts are not what they seem

Satisfy Running PeaceShell™ 5" Unlined Shorts
(Image credit: Satisfy Running)

You’ve heard of illusion cakes, right? Cakes that look so realistically like something else – record decks, Nike sneakers, microwave ovens, bottles of coke, or whatever – that you’re scared to cut into them.

Well, here we have the sports apparel equivalent of an illusion cake, for anyone who ever wanted to take their jorts onto the trail but without all the chafing and danger to your nether regions involved with running in real denim shorts.

Denim running shorts that aren’t actually denim running shorts – they’re proper trail running shorts made from 100% polyester , featuring a digital print inspired by a classic pair of vintage Levi’s Orange Tab 517 jeans. 

Satisfy Running PeaceShell™ 5" Unlined Shorts

They even have a running short-style back zipper pocket (Image credit: Satisfy Running)

And they are fully functioning running shorts. It may not look like it at first, but they’re equipped with two front side pockets and a zippered sweat-proof back pocket for gels, keys and cards.

They hail from French brand Satisfy Running, but they don’t come cheap – $220 / £180 (UK). We’d expect to see them on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week at that price, and it’s not out of the question; according to the Fashion Magazines Jorts (jean shorts) are back. But then, everything comes back eventually. It can’t be long before runners are hitting the trails in padded shoulders, surely? (Actually, they’d be useful with some of the less-well designed back packs…)

The Satisfy Running PeaceShell 5" Unlined Shorts have been out a while, but some recent social media traction has seen them selling like hotpants… sorry, hotcakes. So visit their website fast if you want a pair.