This full-suspension e-bike has a 70-mile range and folds down small enough to throw in your car

Man standing on mountain with Fuell Folld-1 e-bike
(Image credit: Fuell)

Folding e-bikes aren't just for city commuting – fat-tire versions are perfect for weekend riders who want a bike they can throw into their car for off-road adventures. The new Folld-1 from Fuell (the e-bike company founded by famed motorcycle designer Erik Buell) is one such machine, and has a very impressive maximum range of 70 miles to keep you rolling all day.

In addition to 4in tires for comfort and traction on loose surfaces, the Folld-1 has full suspension to soak up shocks

Strength is always a concern with folding e-bikes, and even more so when you're going to be heading off-road. The central hinge is going to take a lot of force, and you need to be confident that it's up to the challenge. The Folld-1 has a one-piece magnesium alloy frame that's designed to minimize weight, without sacrificing durability.

Fuell Folld-1 e-bike on road

(Image credit: Fuell)

It's powered by a 720Wh Samsung battery and 750-watt Bafang motor. Real-world performance will depend on the terrain, load, how you ride, and even the weather (cold conditions make lithium batteries less efficient), but even in full-power mode the Folld-1 can deliver a maximum range of 30 miles.

The Folld-1 is available to order now from Fuell for an early bird price of $1,995 (down from a regular price of $2,495), and stock is now limited.

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