Watch GoPro’s pick of the wildest action footage of the year

GoPro highlights 2023
(Image credit: GoPro / YouTube)

It’s that time of the year when everyone’s looking back over the last 12 months and creating awesome edits of their highlights of the years. And some brands clearly have an advantage over others when  it comes to 'awesome'. GoPro probably has it best of all – millions of users having crazy adventures and posting their antics online is certainly going to make for a sizzle reel slightly more exciting than Costco’s greatest moments of 2023.

“To wrap up another incredible chapter in the GoPro history books,” says the company in the blurb accompanying the video, “we've put together a three-minute highlight video of our family's best surf, ski, bike, climb, BASE, travel, + so many other unique experiences from this year. See you in 2024 for the next compilation.”

There’s much to 'ooh!' and 'ahh!' at here, including some fearless kayakers hurtling down a drainage ditch in coastal British Columbia out to the Pacific (the full video of which only went on line this week, so this compilation video is pretty up-to-date), erupting volcanoes, ski base jumping and squirrel suit distance flight records.

Almost as impressive as the stunts is the cinematography. There is some stunning footage here, even when the action slows down underwater. Global adventuring has never before looked so damned cool. 

Oh, and there are stop motion starscapes and the Northern Lights because you can never go wrong with those (unless you’ve forgotten your tripod in which case they just look like a smudgy mess… not that we’re talking from experience, you understand).