“I don't think that’s wise” – herd of bison charges clueless tourists in Yellowstone

Herd of American bison
(Image credit: Getty Images)

There’s a tourist sitting on a bench who looks like he’s way too close to a herd of bison for comfort at the start of this video. But it turns out he’s not the one in danger. 

If fact, he’s the sensible one here, keeping as still as possible and hoping the bison walk on by. But then something else attracts their attention. 

A bunch of tourists just casually wandering for too near the herd. They’re not casual for much longer

This video shot by Adella Gonzalez last Wednesday captures the moment the herd started charging straight at the foolhardy trekkers, who really need to learn how to avoid being gored by a bison

Gonzalez told online news service Storyful that she was on vacation at the park with her family when she noticed the group of bison ambling near a walkway. Keeping a safe distance away, Gonzalez used her phone camera video the herd. But then she noticed the group of tourists “getting very close to the bison… The pack of bison began to get agitated and started running.” 

The bison can be seen in the video giving chase as the group scatters and skidaddles. It’s not the first time tourists have got far, far too close to bison.

“I don't think that's wise. Oh my heavens… Oh no! Don’t run! Holy cats! Oh my god! They’ve got the zoomie zooms!” a woman’s voice can be heard saying on the video (adding a somewhat Looney Tunes touch to the proceedings).

Thankfully, according to Gonzales, nobody was hurt and the bison calmed down, resuming their original path.