Hiker rescued after attempting to tackle Pacific Crest Trail in freezing sleet

Pacific Crest Trail with North Cascades Peaks in distance
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A hiker had to be rescued last Friday after developing hypothermia while attempting to tackle the Pacific Crest Trail. Hassan Falsafi, from Weaverville, California, set out to hike the trail despite a forecast for rain, sleet, and hail later in the day.

As the Miami Herald reports, Falsafi believed he could finish his trip before the bad weather hit, but was forced to call for help after winding up soaking wet and freezing cold.

"Falsafi stated all of his clothing, sleeping bag, and other camping supplies had become soaked with rainwater and he was experiencing hypothermia symptoms." said the Douglas County Sheriff's Office in a statement published October 25.

A search and rescue party set out to find Falsafi, but the weather continued to worsen throughout the night.

"While searchers were enroute the weather continued to worsen from rain to sleet, hail, and eventually snow," said the Sheriff's Office. "Temps dropped from 36 F to 30 F; for period of time snow was falling so fast that 3/4 of an inch accumulated on the ground in 20 minutes."

The rescuers eventually found Falasfi in the early hours of Saturday morning. He was given warm, dry clothes and taken to nearby Roseburg, where he was picked up by family members.

Staying safe on the trails

When you're planning a hike, it's essential to always check the typical weather patterns for the time of year, the latest weather forecast for the area, and any weather warnings so you can plot a suitable route and take appropriate equipment – or even decide to hike another day if conditions are poor.

Take cited timings on weather reports with a pinch of salt. Conditions can change at short notice, and weather can turn bad quickly. For more advice, see our guide how to plan a hike: seven tips for stress-free days on the trail.

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