Idaho officials hunting 'cruel' truck driver caught chasing moose

Moose standing on road, USA
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Officials from Idaho Fish and Game are searching for two who was caught on camera chasing down a moose in his truck yesterday (June 7). The incident took place at around 7pm on Old River Road near Coeur d'Alene River.

As local news site KHQ explains, chasing animals in a car is a federal crime in Idaho. A local man known as Pitbull heard the driver's horn and recorded the incident, which you can watch below. Viewers have condemned the driver's actions as 'sad and cruel'.

"It looked like they were trying to run it off the road or something," Pitbull told reporters. "You want to give them their space, especially this time of year when they have babies and newborns to take care of."

A passenger in the truck also filmed  himself taunting the moose, asking whether it was getting tired and noting that it had slowed down from 30mph to 15mph.

If you know anything about the incident, you can contact Idaho Fish and Game on 208-769-1414.

Moose safety

Idaho Fish and Game advises that moose are not usually aggressive, but can be unpredictable if disturbed, and a docile-looking animal can react in a second if it perceives a threat.

"A moose cow with calf is one of the most dangerous animals people can encounter in the Panhandle,” says regional conservation officer Craig Walker.

Earlier this year, a group of tourists at a ski resort in Montana were caught on camera harassing and poking a moose, which suddenly charged and knocked one to the ground. Just a few days later, another moose attacked a group of snowboarders and skiers who were crowding around it at a resort in Colorado.

For more advice, see our guides what to do if you see a moos while hiking, and wildlife safety: eight tips for unexpected encounters.

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