This fully working Lego ski resort is the perfect gift for the powder chaser in your life

Lego Ski resort
(Image credit: jkbrickworks)

Is there anything that can’t rendered in Lego? Everything from Death Stars to landmarks to human anatomy (complete with functioning, but non-gory blood circulatory system, no less) have undergone plastic brick reinventions. We’e even seen some MTB tracks

But for winter sports fans, this new, fully functioning ski slope with ski lift is just very cool, even if we’re not entirely sure why it features a yeti cave. Imagine building this on Christmas morning (so you can get out of peeling the potatoes). And, as the video reveals, the mechanisms to get the thing working are genius in their simplicity.

Big kids

Jason describes himself as an “AFOL”, which stands for “Adult Fan Of Lego”

This snowy minifig masterpiece is the creation of the Lego master builders at JK Brickworks, which is actually Jason Allemann and his partner Kristal.

You can order the 783-part kit from BuildaMOC, or just the instructions from the JK Brickworks website if you think you have enough Lego brisk already but Jason warns that if you order the kits now, he cannot guarantee a Christmas delivery sadly.

Jason, whose love of Lego construction was ignited by the explosion of Lego Star Wars toys in the late ’90s, says of his ski resort set:

“This is a fully operational ski hill that allows your minifigs to go skiing on their own. The ski lift will bring your minifigs to the top of the hill, where a turntable turns them around and sends them down the slope. Once they reach the bottom, another turntable brings them to the base of the lift, taking them back to the top.”

Manual and powered versions are available. No mention of whether the yeti comes as standard, though.