Rocky Mountain Rescue team called out for stranded “adventure” cat

Link the Adventure Cat and her owner being rescued on the First Flatiron in near Boulder, Colorado
(Image credit: Rocky Mountain Rescue Group)

Link the Adventure Cat narrowly avoided becoming the missing Link when the mountain climbing kitty had to be assisted off a Colorado peak by the Rocky Mountains Rescue Group.

Hang on? A cat? Dogs going missing on mountains you can understand, but what’s a cat doing up there? Not belaying, presumably.

Link the Adventure Cat is a minor internet sensation with her own Instagram page where he profile reveals her full name as Link Wolff and describes her as a “climber” and “adventurer breaker of boundaries/stigma”. 

It seems she often accompanies her owner on outdoors adventures (a video on Link’s Instagram account shows Link and her owner climbing the North Ridge on Montezuma Tower in the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs), with Link being carried in a special backpack. But recently they ran into some trouble a few days back and mountain rescue had to be called out.

Rocky Mountain Rescue Group shared a photo on Instagram announcing that they were now “moonlighting as MEOWtain Rescuers!” (someone on the team should also clearly be moonlighting as a Christmas cracker gag writer). This was after they rescued Link, her owner and another unnamed climber from First Flatiron in near Boulder, Colorado. There are no details of how Link and company got into difficulties.

The rescue team gave the climbers headlamps (sadly they didn’t have one in Link’s size) and lowered all three to safety. 

“I rarely take her out of the backpack while we climb unless there is a solid ledge to stand on,” Link’s owner says. “I have also installed many redundancies to keep her safe in the backpack and harness to provide extra safety measures… Her life is of the (utmost) concern to me and I take it very seriously whenever we’re out doing something like this… I would not do any of this if she did not enjoy being out there.”